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tolingo is one of Germany’s leading language service providers for business translations and worldwide language expertise, offering 220 language combinations. The highly qualified team that forms our global translation network is able to create target texts and carry out specialist translations reliably and precisely in every imaginable target language and any subject area.

No matter whether the source language is a world language, a national language or a regional variety such as Swiss French or southern China’s Kejia, tolingo offers international business clients the greatest possible translation and language solutions and broadest coverage with its comprehensive portfolio of language combinations and its network of more than 6,000 certified specialist translators from every region and market in the world.

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More than 110,000
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Be part of our success story! More than 110,000 satisfied clients already trust in tolingo. When it comes to excellent translations, we are your first choice.


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  • German – English
  • German – French
  • German – Italian
  • German – Spanish
  • German – Dutch
  • German – Polish
  • German – Russian
  • German – Chinese
  • German – Japanese
  • German – Norwegian
  • English – German
  • English – French
  • English – Spanish
  • English – Italian
  • English – Chinese
  • Spanish – German
  • Spanish – Italian
  • Spanish – French
  • Spanish – Portuguese
  • Spanish – Russian
  • French – German 
  • French – English
  • French – Italian
  • French – Spanish
  • French – Swedish
  • Italian – English
  • Italian – German
  • Italian – Dutch
  • Italian – Spanish
  • Italian – Portuguese

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Goncalo Silva
Key Account Manager
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You need a professional translation? Let me advise you! My goal: Your texts should be perfectly translated – in any language.

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Goncalo Silva
Key Account Manager
0049 800 55 133 00

High-quality communication – in every target language

Every professional translation relies on the accurate use of each respective target language. Comprised exclusively of certified translators, our team is well versed in all the linguistic nuances of every language written and spoken around the world, and has been delivering the highest translation quality to our clients for over a decade – whether from Chinese into Portuguese, English, German, Italian or Spanish, or in other language combinations such as Spanish-Dutch, French-Italian, German-Turkish or Russian-Greek. If you have any questions about our translation services or other language combinations, feel free to contact us directly.


How you can benefit from working with tolingo:

  • Over 220 language combinations
  • Specialist translations for every source and target language
  • More than 6,000 certified specialist translators from all target markets
  • Translation services for regional sublanguages
  • Tailored quotations and service packages
  • Modern, certified technology
  • Round-the-clock translation service
  • More than 15 years of international market & translation expertise
  • Fast response times and personalised advice