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Translation is more than merely a profession; it's a calling that connects people and transforms the world. Should you share this passion with us, we eagerly anticipate your application.

Lina Buchwald
Vendor Manager

Lina Buchwald - Vendor Manager at tolingo

Lina Buchwald
Vendor Manager

Language Jugglers Wanted
Join the Translator Team at tolingo!

Are you passionate about translating texts and capable of connecting with people through your translations? Do you have an eye for detail and speak your second language at a native speaker level? Yes? Then you should apply to join us! We collaborate with professional translators across all time zones and are continually expanding our pool of specialist translators.

tolingo is a certified translation agency, translating in more than 220 language combinations. We create authentic, effective and high-quality translations (with and without certification), and proofread and edit texts in the target language until they are flawless. And if requested, we can create glossaries or ensure that the translation is re-inserted into the exact same layout as the original document.

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Focus on translating

Focus on translating

We take over the time-intensive tasks such as creating quotations, writing invoices and the acquiring and supporting of clients, leaving you to focus on what you do best: producing translations that really make an impact.

Reliable payment

Reliable payment

Our automated invoicing and payment system means you receive your payment on time every month, without needing to write an invoice. Yet another advantage: We guarantee that you will receive remuneration for the work you do, regardless of whether the client pays.

Professional team

Professional team

Your contact persons in Vendor Management have experience of working both with translators and as translators themselves, and are there to support you with any general issues. Our project managers are also experienced in the industry and with handling the technologies used.

Expertise & Experience

What you can offer


Translator Qualifications

To work as a translator for tolingo, you must be able to demonstrate that you have a degree in translation.

Alternatively, 2 Years Full-Time Experience + Related Education

Or, you must be able to show that you have a degree in another field and at least 2 years of experience as a translator.

Alternatively, 5+ Years Full-Time Experience as a Translator

Or, you must be able to prove that you have at least 5 years of professional experience as a translator.

Our Routine


In addition to your qualifications as a translator, you should be experienced in dealing with the standard CAT tools and processes. 


We process the majority of our translation projects using memoQ. 


We allocate projects using the translation management system XTRF, which automatically creates the invoices too. 

Weitere Tools

For selected jobs, we use a multi-machine set-up for post-editing. Furthermore, at tolingo, we work with Microsoft Office.

Your Experience with the Tools

Experience with CAT Tools

Ideally, in addition to your qualifications as a translator, you already have experience using one or more common CAT tools and processes.

In any case, it's important to us that you are willing to familiarise yourself with new programmes. 


Sprichst du unsere Sprache(n)?

Aktuell ist unser Pool gut gefüllt ...

Im Moment sind wir nicht auf der Suche nach Übersetzer:innen für bestimmte Sprachkombinationen oder Fachgebiete.

Du möchtest trotzdem mit uns arbeiten? Dann schick uns deine Initiativbewerbung und vielleicht passt du so gut zu uns, dass wir in Zukunft gemeinsam spannende Übersetzungsprojekte realisieren!

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About us

tolingo is one of the most renowned and successful translation agencies in Germany – a fact which motivates us in our work across every division of our company every day.

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Our translators

To a major extent, the success of our translation projects depends on the keen expertise and linguistic proficiency of our translators who work all around the world.

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T&Cs for vendors

tolingo offers vendors the opportunity to translate, edit and upload texts, files and other documents in return for remuneration on the Internet platform operated by tolingo.

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