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Professional gaming translation and game localization services

In the dynamic world of video games, an engaging and authentic gaming experience is crucial for global success. That's why our gaming translation and game localization services offer more than just simple text translation. We understand the importance of cultural adaptation and precise terminology management to ensure that each game reaches its target audience in their own language and maintains consistency across multiple assignments.

What does game localization mean?

Game localization goes beyond mere translation and involves a comprehensive adaptation of the game to the cultural, social and legal characteristics of a target market. In addition to the linguistic adaptation, this process also includes the technical and graphical adaptation of the content. The goal is to create a seamless and localized gaming experience that respects cultural sensitivities and appeals directly to local players.

Why are professional gaming translations important?

Dhe international gaming market is diverse and complex. Professional gaming translations are therefore crucial to reaching and engaging players worldwide. Our expertise ensures that each game is correctly translated and adapted to appeal emotionally to its target audience while preserving the original tone and intent of the developers.

Our game localization services

We offer a wide range of game localization services that include the following aspects:

  • Terminology management: we develop and maintain specific terminology databases for each game to ensure consistency and accuracy throughout the game translation. This is particularly important as the correct use of technical terms is crucial for understanding and the gaming experience.
  • Cultural adaptation: We make sure that all game content is not only translated but also culturally adapted to avoid taboos and ensure cultural relevance. This includes graphic adaptations, changing music and sound effects, and modifying characters and scenarios.
  • Proofreading & editing: Even games that have already been translated sometimes need some fine-tuning. For this purpose, we also offer the option of proofreading or editing all texts.
  • Transcription: Transcribing in-game dialog from spoken to written is also one of our services and can be a decisive advantage in the success of your game.


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Marius Menge
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