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What is an SEO translation?

In order to explain the concept of an SEO translation, we first need to define the acronym ‘SEO’. It stands for ‘search engine optimisation’ and covers every action that can be taken to help a website achieve a search-engine ranking that’s as close to the top of the search results as possible. These actions include optimising a website with regard to keywords that allow the site to be found on the search engine in order to achieve the desired results.

For an SEO translation, important keywords from the source text are localised in such a way that the translation achieves the most results or search hits in the leading search engine in the target country. The client usually provides a list of keywords for this.

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Three types of SEO translation

  1. The translator produces 1–3 translations for each keyword. The client can then decide for themselves which of the translations best complements their targets. When choosing the translated terms, the translator incorporates not only all the linguistic and regional quirks of the target country, but also any typical turns of phrases used by the client’s competitors in that country. The translation also takes into account any specifications regarding text length (number of words or characters).

  2. The translator produces just one translation for each keyword. Then you or your agency checks whether this is the best SEO translation for the target country. The best SEO translation is the one that, for example, generates the most search results or achieves the most hits within the search results. Then, if you prefer, translation agency tolingo can also deliver alternative translations for a second round of analysis.

  3. In the third type of SEO translation, the translator does the SEO analysis of the localised keywords themselves. This analysis is carried out on the basis of the number of hits in the biggest search engines in the target country. Here is an example of how this looks:
immigration lawyer generates 20.200 hits
immigration solicitor generates 3.400 hits
immigration attorney generates 28.400 hits
immigration lawyer generates 68.600 hits
immigration solicitor generates 1 hit
immigration attorney generates 49.100 hits

Results of the SEO translation: For the United Kingdom, tolingo would suggest using the translation ‘immigration attorney’. For the US market, we’d recommend using the term ‘immigration lawyer’ instead.

Make a name for yourself in your target country with SEO translations

A professional specialist translation is often the best preparation for a SEO translation. Which translation solution is the best for you? Contact us and we will find it together.  

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