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Express translations – for when things need to move (super) quickly

The world moves fast, and the world of business even more so; we’ve noticed that our clients are asking us for express translations more often. If you have a translation project that’s particularly urgent, simply select the tolingo Express or Super Express option.

How fast is fast? Faster than you’d think! However, the delivery deadline also depends on the length of your text. Our team will be happy to provide you with a quotation, including all costs and the quickest possible deadline for your translation solution.

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Be part of our success story! Over 110,000 satisfied customers already place their trust in tolingo. When it comes to excellent translations, we are your first choice.

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Up to 36 hours faster

tolingo has a pool of more than 6,000 native-speaker specialist translators around the world who are at work 24/7. This fundamentally allows us to deliver translations at a very quick rate. Our Express option was created to help you prioritise and speed up your order with us. You’ll find the guaranteed delivery deadline in your customised quotation.


Up to 72 hours faster

If you needed your translation completed yesterday – then we’re happy to shift into top gear to get the job done. Although we’re not able to travel back in time (yet!), we can still accelerate and give your order top priority if you book our Super Express option. In this case, our translators will put all their other projects aside and get started immediately on your text.

Fast & high-quality translations? We can do that.

For our translation services, quality management and information security, we follow structured processes and standards that have been tried and tested over many years. This is also proven by our 4 times ISO certification.So we’re in the position to deliver fast and even super-fast translations without comprising quality in the slightest.

Fast & high-quality

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Fast and focused on the essentials.

Our artificial intelligence translates your text. Experienced specialist translators then check if the core information has actually been translated correctly and, if necessary, improve the text.

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  • 1 business day delivery time*
The most popular choice



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A high-quality translation at a really good price.

We select the best way of getting an effective translation that meets your specifications. We use AI-supported technology only if it measurably improves the quality of the final product.

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  • 3 business days delivery time*
  • Express option available
  • Super-Express option available



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4-eyes-plus – for the highest standards.

Two experienced translators who specialise in the respective subject area work on your text. The first person translates, the second person corrects and revises the text for style.

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  • 4 business days delivery time*
  • Express option available
  • Super-Express option available
*depending on the amount of text

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I can advise you on express translations. My aim: The fastest possible translation of your texts – no matter the language.

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Goncalo Silva
Key Account Manager
0800 55 133 00


Key questions – and all the answers

  • How quickly will I get my translation using the express service?

    We produce an express translation within a very short timeframe* and can produce them up to 3 working days quicker compared to the standard service.

    At the tolingo translation agency, you can choose between two options: With our Express service, we give your translation job higher priority and speed up the handling process. You’ll receive the final translation up to 1.5 working days earlier than you would using the standard service. It’s even quicker with our Super-Express option. In this case, our translators put all their other projects on hold and translate your job within the tightest possible timeframe. We send you your translation up to 3 working days earlier than with the standard service.

    * The delivery deadline for your translation depends on various factors, including the length of the text, if applicable any add-on services ordered and the type of translation. We tell you the delivery deadline in our quotation.

  • Is an express translation inferior in quality to a translation delivered within the standard delivery deadline?

    No! A translation produced using our Express service is just as accurate and professional as any other translation we produce. If you use our Express service, you jump the queue of the translations needing to be processed.

    At tolingo, translations are only carried out by native-speaker translators – whether you order an Express service or not (unless you opt for a machine translation). They are trained and have a sound level of expertise in various different specialist fields. If you have an urgent translation, we’ll give your job high priority and put it right at the top of our translators’ to-do lists; in terms of the quality of the translation, nothing changes. Even if it is urgent, you can be sure of getting a professional, top-quality translation from us – just within a shorter timeframe.

  • Can I order an Express translation for all texts and documents?

    Yes! You can get an Express translation for any type of text or document.

    Contracts, legal translations, technical documents and much more – if you want us to, we can translate texts from all industries, for any specialist field and for both companies and private individuals at top speed. At your request, our sworn translators can turbocharge and produce a certified translation within the tightest timeframe, which we then send directly to your email address. We’ll send the hard copy of the translation as soon as possible afterwards. Of course, you can also order a quick specialist translation for every language combination, for example from and into English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, French, Portuguese or Italian. Get in touch with us and we’ll create a customised solution to suit all your requirements!

    By the way, you can also book an Express option with our Smart and Premium translation solutions. And with our AI package, including machine translation, you don’t even need to select Express or Super Express. Our translators can’t translate quicker than a machine (yet).

  • How much does an Express translation cost?

    The price of an Express translation is calculated from the actual price of a translation without the Express option. If you opt for the rapid Express version, you get the translation up to 1.5 working days faster and pay a surcharge for this of 50% of the translation costs (without the Express option). If you choose the even faster Super Express option, you get your translation up to 3 working days faster. For this, we charge double the translation costs (without the Express option). Specialist field, language and document type have no impact on the costs.

    Here at the tolingo translation agency, we attach great importance to transparent and fair pricing. Therefore, before any order processing, we send you a customised quotation with all services, a cost overview and a guaranteed delivery deadline. Only once you have given us the green light do we translate your texts – and for an Express translation, we go full throttle. If you have any questions about the cost, please get in touch with us!

  • How quickly will I get my certified translation?

    If you are in a hurry and practically needed your translation yesterday, the best thing is to send us an email or give us a call directly. We analyse your texts and create a non-binding quotation for you free of charge. In it we give you the guaranteed delivery deadline.

    Tel.: +49 800 551 330 0