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Professional translations – by qualified translators

Anyone can do a translation these days. Just choose any online-translator and it’s already done, if a little crudely. But is it? As good as some tools have become, a specialist translation that has the correct content and style and is also easy to read almost never comes out of a machine. Especially not if the texts are meant to exert a specific effect on the target group.

Often, however, the interplay of human and artificial intelligence can deliver the perfect result. At tolingo, for this reason, we offer three kinds of clever translation solutions. You can, of course, also book a classic specialist translation with us – drafted and proofread by qualified professionals.

Our experts can advise you on the level of translation that best suits your needs.

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Why human translation: 3 reasons to get a specialist translation




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Maximum security

At tolingo, we ensure data privacy and information security throughout the entire translation process. Our information security management system is tested and certified according to ISO/IEC 27001. Data transmissions are SSL-encrypted (256-bit) at our company and our employees are regularly trained in the topic of information security.

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High quality

tolingo works exclusively with certified specialist translators. These are as a rule native speakers who also live in the country of the respective target language, thus ensuring authentic, effective and high-quality specialist translations. To ensure the highest quality, we also have our quality management regularly ISO-certified by the TÜV (ISO 9001:2015).

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Rapid pace

Our translators work all over the world, across all time zones, and supply all orders quickly and to a high quality. tolingo’s translation service is certified to ISO 17100, which means, among other things, that our processes are also structured and organised efficiently. And for particularly urgent translations we offer Express and Super-Express options.

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Hit the right tone – native-speaker translators

Our experienced specialist translators compose texts that have the correct content and style, are easy to read, and are adapted to the target group. They also understand what’s written between the lines and integrate it directly or subtly into the translation. This is much more that a pure machine translation can deliver.

At tolingo, we work strictly on the native-speaker principle. This means that texts are only ever translated into the translator’s mother tongue – and never the other way around. Native speakers can better create texts that are linguistically and culturally aligned, which leaves them more engaging and authentic.

We also produce high-quality specialist translations that follow the target-country principle. Working hand in hand with the native-speaker principle, this states that native translators live (most of the time) in the country of the target language. They hear and read the language every day, experience language change directly, and so their language skills are always up to date. Here too there may be exceptions, though: for example, if translators must leave the country of their mother tongue for political reasons.

Data-privacy approach – with all documents

We at tolingo ensure data privacy and information security throughout the entire translation process, from the drafting of the quotation, to the specialist translation itself, and on to the delivery of the translation. The international quality standard ISO/IEC 27001:2013 defines the requirements for introducing, implementing, monitoring and improving an information security management system – and we have this certification. We undergo the audit by TÜV regularly.

Thanks to SSL encryption during data transmission and the confidentiality agreement signed by all translators and staff, we can guarantee that your confidential data and documents enjoy maximum protection.

Structured processes – enable speedy delivery

We at tolingo have been translating for international clients – both small and medium-sized enterprises and large corporations – for over a decade. Thanks to efficient processes and a pool of over 6,000 specialist translators, we always deal with translations quickly and reliably, even for orders with a high volume of translations.

Apart from our ISO certification for data privacy and information security, we also have our translation service itself and our quality management regularly audited and ISO-certified. This helps us ensure that all translations are produced efficiently, smoothly and to a consistently high quality.

What’s more, we regularly check the qualifications of our native-speaker translators: how well do they know ‘their’ industries and specialisations? And, of course, we keep an eye on the quality of their work. We gather appropriate evidence and work according to the principle of mutual control. This means that a translator’s work is checked and evaluated by other translators who work in the same language combination and have the same knowledge of the industry.

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