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Translation memory

Translation memory – a database for your past translations

Using a translation memory (or TM) benefits your translation in one particular aspect: consistency. It means that certain designations or phrasing will always be translated in the same way. Our translation memories are able to remember previously translated passages of text, which are then automatically suggested during the translation process and incorporated into subsequent orders.

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Why TM: 3 good reasons to choose translation memory




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Lower costs

Why pay a second time for text that you’ve already had translated in a prior job?

A translation memory recognises similar and previously translated text segments, which we can then insert into the text without having to rewrite them from scratch. This way you save real money on every follow-up order with similar content. A translation memory is generally worthwhile for anyone who regularly or frequently commissions translations.

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Improves quality

There are countless ways to phrase or paraphrase a given idea in writing, and translation is no different.

Yet many of our clients – particularly companies with a strong brand identity – have chosen highly specific terminology and wording. The only way to ensure that their corporate language is kept consistent in translation is to use a translation memory. There is no better way to ensure that all the documents are consistent while also improving their general quality.

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Faster translations

When many texts have the same content and we don’t have to translate them all over again, it of course becomes possible to complete follow-up jobs much faster.

Clients with a high volume of translations and recurring content in particular usually notice that we deliver their translations more and more quickly as time goes on. The more the translation memory grows and is maintained, the more effective our translation processes become.

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What is translation memory?

A translation memory is a kind of “hard drive” and an essential feature of professional translation software. Text segments that have already been translated are stored in a database and automatically retrieved, suggested and incorporated into follow-up jobs with similar content.

Improved quality – at a lower cost

If you regularly need translations with recurring content, creating a translation memory is always a wise investment. 1. Your texts are translated consistently across all documents, despite the large number of possible paraphrases and synonyms. 2. Thanks to this technology, you reduce the translation workload – we pass the savings directly on to you and make them transparent for each subsequent order.

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