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The Arabic-speaking world is a high-potential market. Even just over the past decade, the volume of trade between Arabic-speaking countries and Germany has more than doubled. Around 320 million people speak Arabic as their first language and around 60 million as their second. The sheer size of the population that speaks Arabic therefore seems to suggest a direct, differentiated approach. With our target group-oriented arabic translations, we can ensure that you’ll be able to communicate effectively in Arabic-speaking countries. Use high-quality language content to increase your international market share.  Thanks to our many years of experience and the outstanding level of service our translation agency for Arabic offers, we were able to successfully complete around 250 Arabic translation projects last year. When you work with tolingo, you’re joining teams with one of the leading translation service providers in Germany.

High-quality Arabic translations – here are the standard language combinations that we offer to our clients:

  •   German – Arabic
  •   Arabic − German
  •   English – Arabic
  •   Arabic – English

If you can’t find the two-language combination you need here, then just contact our translation agency. We maintain a pool of more than 6,000 translators around the world, so we’re sure to find the right specialist for your Arabic translation.

Five good reasons to choose our translation agency for the language combination Arabic − German

  • We employ only certified native-speaker translators who offer comprehensive practical knowledge when it comes to the relevant field and solid insight into the culture of both countries involved in.
  • We can handle translations in any field of business: any industry – from mechanical engineering to art – and any content type – from press releases to operating manuals or legal documents.
  • The services we offer include English as a target or source language for Arabic translations in addition to German/Arabic. 
  • Our certified and highly experienced specialist translators can successfully translate all the nuances of complex Arabic.
  • Our translation agency stands out for its client-oriented strategy and professional project management augmented by modern technology. Our clients will be more than happy to confirm this, too!

Find the perfect translation service for your project

Are you currently facing a major challenge such as creating a totally new multilingual home page that’s optimised for search engines? Or perhaps you’re in need of a large number of certificates and documents, as well as certified translations of a new contract into Arabic? When you’re dealing with a temporarily increased workload like one of these situations, it can be beneficial to have tolingo take on full-service processing of the entire project. We’ll take care of organising the translators needed, correct field of expertise, experienced project manager and suitable technical support. This allows even sizeable translations to be completed quickly and reliably. We utilise our expert knowledge and experience to complete your professional translations within the deadlines you set at an impeccable level of quality.

  • Communicate directly with your target groups using our specialised translators for Arabic/German

    Every language is closely intertwined with the culture, history and traditions of the regions in which it is spoken. This certainly applies to Arabic. In order for you to receive an accurate and precise translation every time, we are a translation service provider that exclusively employs native speakers for your company’s texts. Our translators are experts in the culture and customs of both countries and languages involved. That means that, in addition to their specialist skills, you also benefit from their feel for Arabic expressions and linguistic conventions in interaction. Depending on whether you need German – Arabic or Arabic – German translations, we’ll assign your project a native speaker of Arabic or German. This is how we guarantee you receive high-quality German/Arabic translations. Our specialists are very familiar with the wide variety of content types we handle, from operating manuals and process descriptions to company websites. When you work with us, you’re putting your translations – no matter what they are – into the best of hands.

  • Certified Arabic translations

    Upon request, our translation agency will employ a certified translator for any important documents you have. In order to make planning easier for you, we’ll immediately share with you the delivery period for your certified translation into or out of Arabic. Your documents or certificates will be protected from transmission to third parties throughout the entire process. The specialist translators in our pool will also all sign a general non-disclosure agreement regarding the handling of your data and content. If you prefer, you can even receive a specific non-disclosure agreement regarding your partnership with tolingo. Furthermore, our information security management system is certified under ISO/IEC 27001 on a regular basis and constantly undergoing improvements we have developed.

  • We’ll always find the right specialist translator for your project

    In order to produce a precise and accurate translation, you need not only outstanding knowledge of the specialist terminology and language but also practical expertise in that field. That’s:

    In order to produce a precise and accurate translation, you need not only outstanding knowledge of the specialist terminology and language but also practical expertise in that field. That’s why we only work with translators who already have many years of practical experience in your field of business. We check that our translators’ knowledge is up-to-date on a regular basis. In addition to business documents such as contracts and presentations, our experts also produce technical translationsmedical translations and even translations of entire websites, Google Ads campaigns and SEO texts – and always keep the individual requirements of the company and target country in mind while doing so.

    Although Arabic is an official language in 27 countries, a given target group may be defined very differently across Arabic-speaking countries. For example, Arabic is spoken and written differently in Saudi Arabia as in Morocco, where French is also spoken in addition to Arabic and the two languages have influenced each other over time. That’s why you should choose a specialised translation service provider like tolingo for your translation project – an agency that takes the culture and traditions of different countries into account when translating.

tolingo is the qualified translation agency you need for Arabic

We help both medium-sized companies and large corporations to increase their international revenue through relevant content and accurate translations. You can find an overview of the reasons you can count on our translation agency here:

Have a say in how we process your translation project

Our goal is constant improvement and evolution. That goes for technology as well as security, quality and customer service. We’ll treat your texts individually, professionally and confidentially. Fairness and transparency also take top priority with regard to our clients. When you work with tolingo, you’ll have a say in exactly how we handle your project! We want to get to know you and your field of business in order to properly understand the challenges you face and goals you pursue. That’s why you’re an important part of each and every one of our translation projects. We’d really like to learn to speak your language – and we mean that literally! The best way to achieve this is through dialogue and collaboration. When we work with you, we’ll ensure that we ask the right questions in order to learn exactly what you’re looking for in a translation.

Do you have any other questions about our translation agency for Arabic, or would you like to place an order with us now? Then simply contact our qualified staff and let them advise you on your project with no strings attached. We’re more than happy to send you a specific quotation that incorporates all of your requirements.

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Certified translation

tolingo employs specialist translators who have an official governmental certification for the relevant language combination. Stay on the safe side with your certified translations.

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Professional editing and proofreeding services

Editing and proofreading

In addition to the translation services we offer, you can also order proofreading or editing from tolingo. The source text is first translated, then polished by a second translator.

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