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Think of ‘Sweden’ and a stream of positive associations is likely to come to mind: lovable Astrid Lindgren characters, stunning natural landscapes or cheerful midsommar celebrations. But Sweden is also home to countless major companies that do business on a global scale; it’s also an important EU trading partner. As a professional translation agency for Swedish, tolingo provides high-quality translations of all kinds that will make you extremely competitive on the Swedish market. Whether you’re looking for Swedish-English, English-Swedish or another language combination entirely: Our translation agency has certified, native-speaker specialist translators available for every project. 

Professional translations of a wide variety of documents for industry and commerce are truly indispensable for global success, and thanks to the customisable services of tolingo as your Swedish translation agency, we provide exactly that – quickly and at any time. Our large network of translators allows for an optimal and fast selection of translators in all subject areas and for any type of translation!

tolingo is the ideal translation agency for Swedish

  • with exclusively native-speaker specialist translators,
  • triple ISO certification,
  • encrypted SSL data transfer systems and
  • full-service options for bigger projects

High-quality Swedish translation services for your industry

What do build-it-yourself shelves, seat belts in cars and cartons of milk have in common? You guessed right: they were all invented by Swedish companies! Formerly dominated by agriculture, the country is now home to numerous global players on the world market and thus an important trading partner for various sectors. 

As a professional partner to a large number of clients from the business world, we regularly translate technical texts into and from Swedish, such as technical manuals for the automotive industry. Thanks to our large pool of native-speaker specialist translators, we offer fast and high-quality translations into and from Swedish for complex projects in industries such as mechanical engineering, e-commerce & retail, medicine, travel & tourism and marketing & PR. Whether you need a certified translation, an entire website translation or technical documentation: We can translate virtually any type of documents. 

Versatile range of language combinations for your project

In addition to the language combinations of English to Swedish and Swedish to English, tolingo of course also offers high-quality translations from and into countless other languages. Thanks to our pool of specialist translators based around the world, we can offer more than 220 language combinations. These combinations are ordered most frequently:

Don’t see the language combination you’re looking for? Contact us us! We’ll find the perfect native-speaker translator to work on your project.

  • Here’s how easy it is to order a translation

    Thanks to our practical webshop, you can easily order your Swedish translations:

    • Upload your documents directly in our online shop.
    • Select the language combination you require and an appropriate deadline.
    • For an express translation, just select a delivery date in our online shop that is earlier than the one proposed. The system will automatically adjust the price.
    • If you're happy with everything, you can order straight away. It's as simple as that!
  • Triple ISO certification: Your content is in safe hands

    As a professional partner to many businesses, we’re very familiar with how important quality and data security are to our clients. Our translation services are excellent and guarantee you the highest translation quality – and we can prove it with the triple certification which made us pioneers in the translation industry:

    • ISO 27001: Certified data security management system: As a general rule, we maintain non-disclosure agreements with all our translators and other employees as well as our service providers. In addition, all data is transmitted exclusively using SSL encryption. This is how we ensure the security of your data and documents.
    • ISO 17100 (2015): Certified translation process: The workflows at tolingo have been verified and certified in accordance with the international standard ISO 17100 (2015). This certification guarantees that our translation processes are carried out securely and reliably and that the finished translations are held to a high quality standard.
    • ISO 9001:2015: Certified quality management system: This TÜV Süd certification confirms that the quality management system we use is efficient, effective and legally watertight. This system guarantees that all our processes undergo risk analysis and continual optimisation, so that we are always able to offer our clients the best possible service.

Why is translation into or from Swedish best left to native speakers?

Swedish translators must not only have extensive specialist knowledge in their field, but also a deep understanding of the language and culture of Sweden and Finland. After all, the language isn’t just notable for the additional letter (å) in its alphabet – ultimately, the decisive factor for truly effective Swedish translations is profound familiarity with the culture and language.

  • A knack for the language

    General linguistic comprehension is much more important than memorising vocabulary and grammar, as there are numerous Swedish words that cannot be translated easily, but rather only paraphrased. Good examples of this are the terms fredagsmys (meaning ‘taking time out on a Friday evening for a cosy get-together with the family and making yourself comfortable with snacks in front of the TV’) or kaffesugen (‘a desire for a nice cup of coffee paired with a little break from the stress of everyday life’).

    Only linguistically skilled translators can eloquently and articulately integrate unique concepts such as these into texts or rephrase them appropriately without resorting to cumbersome explanations that interrupt the flow of reading. Especially in the field of marketing, this skill is crucial, as the content needs to appeal to and persuade potential customers, not leave them puzzled.

  • Localisation: the finishing touch for a truly great translation

    In the translation industry, the term localisation is used when a text makes particular reference to geographical and cultural specificities. Localisation allows your texts to be even more precisely tailored to the respective target market, in order to further improve your chances of success. 

    But for this to be effective, the translator must not only be familiar with the language, but also with the country and its people. 

    For example, you should know that in Sweden, informal language should always be used – this applies to managers as well as friends! The only exceptions to this rule are for members of the royal family (the correct form of address here is ‘Eders majestät’) and very old people (who are addressed as ‘Ni’). These subtle cultural aspects are what make the difference in translation: it goes without saying that a native Swedish speaker would understand the message if addressed using more formal language. But it would also be immediately clear that the text was translated by someone unfamiliar with the cultural customs of the country. With increasing global competition, especially in industries like e-commerce, no company can afford to leave a potential customer with a bad impression like that!

    The main prerequisite for localisation is editing by native speakers who are experts in the Swedish language – which is guaranteed for all of your projects when you partner with tolingo.

  • What’s unique about the Swedish language?

    Swedish is also an official language in Finland (alongside Finnish) in addition to Sweden. The Swedish language shares great similarities with Danish as well as Norwegian, as they all developed from Old Norse and form the northeastern branch of the Indo-European language family. Speakers of these languages can therefore generally communicate with one another, but this is not without its hurdles. What’s more, the majority of the Swedish population speaks excellent English; children start learning the foreign language in the third grade, and English-language films, TV shows and documentaries are usually broadcast without dubbing.

    Is there even any need for Swedish translations, then?

    Yes, of course! Most Swedes still prefer to use their native language. As the group of speakers is quite small, at around ten million people, the residents of Sweden and the Swedish minority in Finland are striving to preserve their language. If you want to score points with Swedish customers, you would therefore do well to have your content translated into this challenging Scandinavian language by a professional translation agency like tolingo.

Our translators

To ensure that your texts have the desired effect in the target language, we work exclusively with native-speaker translators. In addition to linguistic qualifications, our translators must also have several years of professional experience in their specific field to ensure that they are fully conversant with the relevant terminology and tone.

Thanks to our extensive pool of more than 6,000 translators, tolingo is a translation agency for Swedish that always has the perfect expert available to ensure the effectiveness of your Swedish language content!

Would you like your Swedish translation to benefit from our expertise?

Our expert colleagues are available to advise you on all aspects of your translation into or from Swedish. We’d be happy to create a no-obligation quote for you free of charge, tailored to your project plans and additional requests.

You can reach us by phone or email from Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM. We look forward to hearing from you!

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