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Romanian translation services – success in every language

Our translators ensure tailored content, from the Danube region to the Black Sea

Recruitment, economic growth and on-trend leisure activities – there are many reasons for companies to build relationships with Romania. Success depends on fast and high-quality translations into and from Romanian for all kinds of text types and industries. With more than 10 years of experience and a team of experts, tolingo is the perfect port of call for Romanian translation services – for Romanian-English, English-Romanian and many other language combinations.

The benefits of working with tolingo for professional Romanian translation services

  • Fast delivery – additional express service possible
  • Professional translation for many different fields and text types – including certified translation
  • TÜV-certified information security at one of the world’s largest translation companies
  • We only work with certified native-speaker translators
  • We select the translator for your project based on its content
  • Many years of experience with translations into and from Romanian in various language combinations

Your experienced partner for the Romanian market

Multilingual content is a prerequisite for both international trade and B2C-oriented sectors such as tourism. Content must always be adapted to the country-specific requirements, as this is the only way to ensure smooth communication. This allows you to tap into promising new markets, win new clients and consumers, and retain them in the long term.

As a translation services provider, tolingo has been working with clients both large and small from various industries for over ten years, so we’re intimately familiar with their requirements and the challenges they face. That’s why we can provide you with professional support for all your activities on the Romanian market with our services:

  • tolingo is the expert you need for any type of text or industry

    The Romanian market is characterised by its significant potential for growth. Many sectors still need to match the level found in the rest of the EU, meaning that there are hardly any competitors. Early expansion to this emerging market can thus benefit companies in various industries. To do so they require professionally translated documents – perfectly tailored to their target audience, from Bucharest to Moldova.

    What types of text do we translate? 
    Here at tolingo, we’re experts in translating a huge variety of text types, including documents from the following fields:

    • Instruction manuals
    • Product descriptions
    • Annual reports
    • Certificates and deeds, certified translations
    • Contract translations
    • Website translations
    • Marketing and advertising materials
    • Press releases
    • Medical translations

    Which industries do we translate for?
    Our extensive network of experienced native-speaker translators allows us to offer Romanian translations (e.g. Romanian-English or English-Romanian) in virtually any field – be it a certified Romanian translation for English-speaking authorities and courts or a technical translation! We often translate texts for the following industries in particular:

  • We offer Romanian translations in several different language combinations

    As one of the market leaders for translation services, we provide our clients with translations in over 220 different language combinations. Here is a list of the Romanian combinations that are currently most in demand at tolingo:

    We’ll assign your project to an appropriately qualified specialist translator based on the language combination and field. Thanks to our extensive network of more than 6,000 translators located around the world, we can take on projects of any scale or scope – and it goes without saying that our sworn translators can of course also provide certified translations.

    If you need a language combination other than those listed on our website, please feel free to contact us directly at any time. We’re sure to find the right solution and the perfect professional translator for you!

  • Here’s how easy it is to place an order for Romanian translations

    With tolingo’s professional translation services, ordering a Romanian-language specialist translation is easy as can be. One option is to order your translation directly via our online shop.

    Simply upload your document (in the format of your choosing, e.g. a Microsoft Word or PDF file) and select your desired language combination – and our system will automatically display the estimated price for the translation as well as the delivery date. If you’re happy with the price and date, you can then order your translation with a single click of the mouse!

  • Express service: When you’re in a hurry

    If you need your document translated particularly urgently, we also offer an express translation option for your order. There is an additional fee associated with this. For this exceptionally fast service offered by our translation company, all you have to do is select an earlier date than the one automatically suggested by the system.

    The price will then automatically be adjusted by the online shop. The finished translation will often be returned to you on the same day, depending on the length of the document and the language selected.

  • Triple ISO certification ensures top quality

    Here at tolingo, we always want to offer our clients the best possible service in every respect. For this reason, we regularly have our certified translation company audited against the following standards:

    • ISO-27001 certification from TÜV SÜD. This industry standard sets out requirements for implementation, application, monitoring and improvement of all aspects of data security.
    • Certification in accordance with ISO 17100:2015. tolingo fulfils all requirements specified by this standard for the provision of high-quality translation services.
    • Quality standard ISO 9001:2015 certification. This standard stipulates that companies maintain a robust quality-management system, regularly review themselves and strive for continuous improvement in a structured manner. In addition, the client is consistently given priority to ensure that services and quotations are tailored to demand. 

    This triple achievement demonstrates once again that tolingo is a pioneer among translation companies, and also that we have earned the trust of our numerous clients – both in Romania and all over the world.

Hit the right note in Romania and the rest of the world with our specialist translators

Each country has its very own peculiarities, which have evolved from history, geographical conditions and many other factors over the centuries, and are reflected in the respective culture and language. Extensive knowledge of the country and its people are required to skilfully translate these subtleties into texts that have the desired effect on the target audience. For this reason, only native speakers can successfully master this demanding task.

All our translators are native speakers who are very familiar not only with their respective specialist fields, but also with the linguistic and cultural characteristics of the country. The Romanian language in particular has many aspects that need to be considered:

  • A country in transition

    A lot has changed in Romania since it became a member of the EU in 2007. In a country where once only weekly markets and small shops could be found, there are now discount supermarkets and new logistics networks. A large part of the population left to work abroad, leaving villages abandoned – but this also meant that large sums of money flowed back home, triggering a boom in the construction sector and flourishing sales in the automotive industry. Since then, the country’s infrastructure has also been continuously expanded with the help of EU funds.

    Romania will adopt the euro as soon as the country meets the necessary requirements, and is currently going through the process of joining the Schengen Area – so ties with the rest of the EU should generally increase and become closer over the coming years. A total of 77% of Romania’s exports already go to EU countries and 75% of its imports come from EU member states.

    Thanks to its natural wealth, new opportunities are opening up in Romania: the country is committed to ecotourism. With breathtaking and varied landscapes from the Transylvanian Basin (Podișul Transilvaniei) to the Carpathian Mountains (Carpați), health-promoting thermal springs and salt caves, as well as the opportunity to see rare animals and watch the stars in the untouched nature of numerous national parks and protected areas far away from the noise and light of the cities, the country offers ideal conditions for a unique, relaxing holiday.

  • About the Romanian language

    With a population of around 19.6 million, Romania is a relatively small country. Around 5 million Romanians live abroad, either permanently or for most of the year – according to the OECD, the country is one of the leading countries of origin within the European Union, meaning there is a great need for high-quality specialist translations in numerous language combinations for a wide variety of fields.

    Romania was once the Roman province of Dacia – the Romans brought Latin to the region, which, over time, gave way to this Romance language. The language thus has many similarities to Italian: for example, one, two, three in Romanian is unu, doi, trei, and in Italian uno, due, tre.

    Since the nationalist movement in the 19th century, which aimed to highlight Romanic origins, Romanian is no longer written with Cyrillic but with Latin letters (like English). In addition to the letters commonly used in Latin-based languages, there are five special characters: ă, â, î, ș, und ț. The letters k, q, w and y are also part of the alphabet, but are only used in words that originate from other languages.

    Romanian is the official language and 91% of the population speak it. There are also many Hungarians and Roma living in Romania who speak their own languages, namely Hungarian and Romani, as well as several minorities with their own languages – including German.

    Today there are only a few speakers left, but the German language is historically of great importance to the Transylvania region. In the 12th century, settlement began with German settlers from the Middle Rhine and Moselle regions, Flanders and Wallonia. They were supposed to populate the region, secure the borders against incursions from the east for Hungary and Europe and boost the economy – over the centuries, the ‘Saxons’ continually played an important role in the history of the country and so their language also gained great significance.

Outstanding client support with full-service solutions

Personal, client-specific advice is our top priority here at tolingo. The best way for our translation company to produce optimal results for your Romanian-language project, no matter how complex, is by maintaining personal contact and gaining a thorough understanding of your needs.

Especially for larger projects with many detailed aspects, an external translation company is particularly suitable as a project partner because of the potential savings in resources. This means you can benefit from an experienced contact person who will ensure reliable project management for you here at tolingo. Our full-service solutions make it possible to complete all your translations on time and without complications.

Would you like to have texts translated or discuss further details?

Our expert colleagues are available to advise you on all aspects of your technical translation into or from Romanian. We’d be happy to create a no-obligation quotation for you free of charge, tailored to your project plans and additional requests.

You can reach us by phone or email from Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Contact us now – we look forward to hearing from you!

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