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Translation of contracts

Contract translation services – how does it work?

Contracts are the cornerstones of the business world, and if you need to have one translated, there’s only one option: having it done professionally. Find out here how easy it is to commission a specialised legal translation of a contract – and what needs to be considered during the process.

At a glance

  • Translation of contracts of any type or format
  • Same-day delivery is possible with express translation (depending on the language combination and length of document)
  • Maximum data security and confidentiality thanks to 3 ISO certification
  • How do I get a contract translated?

    • Choose your preferred delivery date and time, then click “Submit order”. Then, under “Content type” in the order itself, specify that your document is a contract – this ensures that your text will be translated by an experienced translator who specialises in law.
    • You will receive the finished translation as quickly as possible. Depending on the language combination and length of document, it may be possible to receive the completed translation that same day (you may need to select the express translation option for this).

    With customer consultation:

    You can also order through one of our client account managers – this is a great option for more extensive or complex projects, for example. Just give us a call here: +49 40 6379530655. You can also place an express translation order with our account managers. 

  • What types of contracts does tolingo translate?

    The translators at tolingo can translate any type of contract or document for you. Here is a list of the most common types of contracts we translate:

    • Employment contracts
    • General terms and conditions (T&Cs)
    • Order and project agreements
    • E-commerce contracts
    • Licensing contracts
    • Articles of association
    • Shareholders’ agreements
    • Freelance contracts
    • Executive contracts
    • Contracts of sale
    • Rental contracts and leases
    • Cease-and-desist letters
  • How much will my translation cost?

    Our price calculator automatically determines the price for “simple” document translations, such as editable documents like Word files. (For some file formats, such as PDF files, you will receive our non-binding cost estimate by email after one of our translation experts has analysed your document.)

    If you need a certified translation, the actual price may differ slightly from the price calculator estimate due to potential issuance fees. So for certified translations, we recommend opting for a price estimate from a member of our team – simply fill in our contact form and indicate that the text needs to be a certified translation. 

    And for bigger, more complex translations as well, we likewise recommend getting directly in touch with our account managers so that they can answer any questions you may have. We will then promptly provide you with a no-obligation price quotation.

  • What languages does tolingo translate from and into?

    With tolingo, you can get your contracts and other legal documents translated into virtually any world language. Alongside German-English and English-German, most contract translation assignments are currently carried out from German into French, Dutch or Spanish, but we also receive enquiries for other languages such as Chinese – thanks to our extensive pool of translators, we offer a total of over 220 language combinations.

    If the target language you need is not listed in our online portfolio, feel free to contact us directly. No matter whether your translation is of a purchase contract or a lengthy legal text: We’ll find the perfect solution for every project!

    Here is a small selection of the most common languages and language combinations.

What is special about translating contracts?

Whether you are a business founder, entrepreneur, freelancer or are self-employed, entrepreneurial situations of all kinds require concluding contracts in areas such as financing, hiring employees or optimising business processes with the help of general terms and conditions. But what about contracts with international trading partners? Especially partners who don’t speak the same language as you? What requirements must the translation meet?

  • Legal bases

    When contracts are concluded between organisations that do not speak the same language, a clause is usually included to specify which language is the language of the contract and that only the original (i.e. not the translation) is authoritative in case of litigation. This means that even if one party has the contract (or extracts thereof) additionally translated into another language, the original version still applies in the event of ambiguities or legal disputes.

    In other words, one language version is declared to be the authentic version and the other is only for information and clarity. Ultimately, there is a close link between the legal system and language.

    Accordingly, translating German law into English, for example, requires a great deal of legal expertise on the part of the translator. A country’s legal system often develops in parallel with its language, which is why terms linked to a particular legal system often do not have direct translations in other languages.

  • Do contracts even need to be translated at all?

    Yes! In the business world, it is vital that all of the contracting parties understand the content of the document with the same meaning. Different interpretations can lead to misunderstandings with serious consequences.

    Although, as a general rule, the original is legally binding, translations are indispensable as an aid to understanding and thus to decision-making.

    Major projects may comprise a large number of interrelated contracts which regulate the various aspects of the project. In order to be able to make economically sound decisions, a wide variety of employees and departments must be consulted in advance in order to, among other things, prepare a risk assessment, determine the sales potential, identify the opportunities and risks associated with the contractual partner and address potential problems such as possible supply bottlenecks. To ensure that all of this can happen (promptly and efficiently), correct and comprehensible translation into the local language is essential.

What’s important when translating a contract

Especially when it comes to contracts, you need a trustworthy partner who is familiar with all the challenges and particularities of this type of legal text. The most important aspects here are discretion (as well as data security), quality and speed!

  • Data security

    Data security is a top priority for tolingo as a translation agency. Strictly confidential handling of your data is a key part of our certified translation process (ISO 17100:2015), which also allows your order to be processed efficiently. SSL encryption ensures that data transfers through the web shop are optimally protected.

    For added information security, there is our ISO 27001 certification – a certification which makes tolingo a pioneer in the translation service provider industry.

    In addition, all the translators who work for our translation agency have, of course, contractually committed themselves to secrecy, and we would be happy to certify this security with a corresponding non-disclosure agreement.

  • Quality

    As well as native-level language skills, specialist translators in the field of law must also demonstrate solid legal qualifications.

    All certified translators who translate legal texts for tolingo have been carefully assessed in this respect and have proven qualifications in translation with a focus on law. They also have years of professional experience in the legal environment and are thus not only familiar with the specialist terminology, but also have access to subject-specific information sources for law and contact with experienced legal experts in the countries concerned. In addition, to ensure the long-term quality of legal translations, our specialist translators for contracts undergo continued assessment.

    At tolingo, your specialist legal text is translated using cutting-edge software which assists the translator by checking spelling and consistency while the text is being produced.

    Thanks to our extensive pool of qualified and certified translators, we can also offer you certified or notarised translations of your contracts.

  • Speed

    As we all know, time is money – and especially for contractual negotiations, short processing times are of crucial importance. The fact that tolingo is aware of the special requirements of our clients can be seen from the order options – and as one of the leading translation service providers in Germany, tolingo offers the perfect service for urgent requests: express translations, available at any time of day or night and in the most important language combinations, that sacrifice nothing in terms of quality.

    Via our secure web shop, you can upload your documents and immediately receive a non-binding quotation based on text length, language combination and specialist area, then order immediately with just a few clicks of the mouse.

    Thanks to the combination of our innovative, web-based tools for optimal and fast project management and the experienced legal translators we work with worldwide, we are able to complete even challenging translations of contracts promptly.

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