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Translations for marketing and public relations

Translations for marketing and public relations

Those who work in marketing are familiar with the high standards for all internal and external communication. Be it traditional or online marketing – the focus is always on targeting the right audience and adapting all texts to meet their preferences and needs. When translating marketing or PR texts, tone and cultural adaptation are therefore just as important as correct reproduction of the content. A feel for language and empathy for foreign-language target groups are the most important requirements for creating a professional and high-quality translation in this field.

Exactly what tolingo offers: Hundreds of customers from marketing and PR as well as native-speaker specialist translators, who ensure that your marketing texts are translated in an expedient, correct and appealing manner in every desired language thanks to having studied marketing or gained many years of professional experience in the field.


1. Why tolingo is the perfect partner for marketing translations
2. What’s special about marketing translations
3. Target group and typical translations for the industry
4. What tolingo offers – an overview of our products
5. Summary

Contacting tolingo / ordering a marketing and PR translation
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1. Why tolingo is the perfect partner for marketing translations

As well as the fact that marketing texts at tolingo are translated exclusively by specialist translators with experience in the industry, tolingo also stands out because of its innovative products and technologies, which make collaboration between tolingo and its customers considerably easier and have a significant influence on quality and results:

2. What’s special about marketing translations

challenges in translating marketing and PR texts

One of the biggest challenges in translating marketing and PR texts is communicating an idea, a message, a speech or sometimes even a joke from the original text into another language. Otherwise, adverts, claims or advertising texts will not be properly understood by the target audience abroad or, in the worst case, come across as meaningless or offensive. tolingo translators possess not only linguistic knowledge, but also the experience and intuition necessary for formulating translations with the right meaning for the target country / target audience.

Those responsible for public relations also need to be able to completely rely on the correctness of a translation. They are responsible for communication with partners, customers, investors and the public. Important company information is sent to a large number of recipients simultaneously. Because of this, press releases, mailings or newsletters also must not contain any mistakes in the target language and cannot be formulated in such a way as to lead to misunderstandings.

IFor the marketing industry, we also regularly produce translations for market research companies. To make sure that the results from surveys carried out abroad are not distorted, for example, the questions must be understood in every target language in the exact same way as intended by the market researcher.

3. Target group and typical translations for the industry

At tolingo, translations of marketing content are primarily ordered by agencies. Be it advertising agencies, online marketing agencies or PR agencies – all rely on tolingo’s translators perfectly communicating marketing strategies for clients, internal communication with staff in international offices or detailed online or offline advertising campaigns in the desired language.

As well as market research companies – who depend on the precision and reliability of tolingo’s translations of surveys – it goes without saying that we also localise marketing content for internal marketing and PR departments within companies. Our specialist translators translate international AdWords campaigns as well as mailings and newsletters. Typical types of content localised for the industry by tolingo’s specialist translators include:

overview of translation services

4. What tolingo offers – an overview of our products

The tolingo translation agency has been translating texts into every world language since 2007. More than 60 employees in the Hamburg and Stuttgart offices make sure that each customer always receives the best specialist translator for their requirements. By choosing tolingo, you will also benefit from innovative products which make collaborating easier, reduce costs and increase the quality of the result:

Specialist translations / localisation

At tolingo, all texts are localised exclusively by specialists and native-speaker specialist translators. These translators have either a degree in marketing or PR or many years’ experience working in the industry. Not only are these translators consummately familiar with the terminology, they are also well-connected, have access to sources of specialised information and are in contact with experienced marketing experts and specialists in the target country, who offer support in researching specialised terminology.

As well as pure translation, the functionality of a translation can also be tested within a localisation process. In addition, the text length and sense of the translation is checked with regard to its respective function instead of simply looking at its context in terms of content (e.g. buttons, commands, etc. for software, games and websites).

SEO translations

tolingo also helps you to rank the translated texts in the search engine of the target country. What does this mean? There is often more than one way to translate a single term from the source text. Within the scope of an SEO translation, our translators can recommend the translation that obtains the most search results in the leading search engine of the target country. Of course, we also translate the meta descriptions and title information of a website. This allows you to immediately send positive signals to the search engine in the target country.

AdWords translations

AdWords campaigns translation

Translations for marketing and PR often also include translations of AdWords campaigns. For this our translators can research which translation has the most hits in the leading search engine of the target country (in cases where there are several possible translations for a single keyword). With effective translations of AdWords advertisements and campaigns, you are able to gain the trust of users of foreign search machines. This leads to higher click rates and more conversions of your AdWords campaigns.

Website translations

A perfectly translated website or an equally well-translated online shop is extremely important in order to advance search engine marketing in foreign markets. These build the foundation for successful internationalisation of a company. tolingo adapts your website to suit how language is used in the target country and, upon request, also adapts button and navigation texts so that they comply with layout guidelines in the target language as well. Thanks to simple processes, the content to be translated can be extracted easily and entered into your content management system again following translation.

Express translations

We know that marketing texts often need to be made available in other languages at very short notice – over the weekend or overnight, for instance. For these cases, tolingo offers an express service. For an additional charge you can thus receive your translations in just a few hours – and with the usual high quality, of course.


Copywriting entails optimising previously translated texts by taking special target groups or regional particularities into consideration or rewriting them based on specific guidelines. An advertising text must have exactly the same effect in another language while also appealing to and convincing the target group in exactly the same way as in the original language. As well as this, our translators make sure that linguistic or cultural misunderstandings are avoided. Copywriting is therefore particularly pertinent for marketing texts, which require concise wording and headlines for adverts tailored to the target group.


We are able to adapt a previously translated text for another region or sub-language, taking regional terminology, idioms, spelling etc. into consideration. For example, we might translate your marketing or PR text into Spanish and then adjust it for the Argentinian market. Another prime example of this is adapting a translation from British into American English. Of course, we can also work together to create a list of requirements for this.

Desktop publishing – translations directly into the finished layout

tolingo’s desktop publishing enters the translated marketing content directly into a flawless layout upon request. tolingo’s project managers, translators and desktop publishers work closely together with you to position every word and every letter perfectly. This saves you the often strenuous formatting of translated content into your own layout templates.

Translation memory: only translating what needs to be translated

The tolingo translation memory can ensure substantial cost savings. It recognises repetitions of previously translated text passages and suggests these directly to the translator. For larger translation jobs, this saves a significant amount of the translation work, which importantly also leads to a quicker turnaround time.

Certified translation process for maximum security

Upon request, our translation process involves a second native-speaker specialist translator, who checks the translated texts for grammar and syntax, correct reproduction of the original text’s content, spelling, punctuation and completeness. This translation process at tolingo is certified in accordance with the international standard ISO 17100 for specialised translations, which means that qualifications are always being checked and translators are continually being trained. You can find more information about the certifications of tolingo GmbH here: tolingo certifications.

Permanent contact partners guarantee effective communication

At tolingo, personal consultation is always a main priority. We provide every customer with a permanent contact partner who will take care of your concerns, questions and wishes throughout the entire collaborative process. In addition to this, the translation process at tolingo is not rigid or inflexible. We’re happy to address customer feedback and optimise our existing processes and procedures.

File engineering – seamless data exchange between all file types and sizes

tolingo is able to process even particularly large amounts of files securely and without any loss. Thanks to many years of experience in file engineering, tolingo’s project managers are able to handle all common file formats. After localisation, the customers get their translations back in an unchanged format. This means that additional costs for adaptation or format conversion are avoided and valuable time saved.

Data protection

Secure marketing and PR translation

We make it our priority to treat your data and documents with strict confidentiality. All translators have signed contracts to maintain complete confidentiality and all data transfers take place exclusively via our own infrastructure. Within the system and in our online shop, your data is transferred by means of SSL encryption. We would be happy to also issue you with a separate non-disclosure agreement.

5. Summary

At tolingo, your marketing texts are localised by native-speaker specialist translators, who, thanks to their studies and professional experience in the marketing and PR industry, always convey the tone you employed in the original text. There will never be any discordance in your communications with tolingo, as the same customer consultant will be there for you during the entire translation process. Our express service also allows time-sensitive content to be translated and, if necessary, we also fit translations precisely into your layout templates. Aside from this, the use of translation memories can allow for financial leeway. Get in touch with our competent customer consultants about your projects and they will quickly prepare an offer that is tailored to your needs.

References / customer testimonials

Helvetic Airways Logo der helvetic Fluggesellschaft

As a fast-growing international airline, Helvetic Airways relies on quick and professional reporting in various countries. News must be translated promptly, and without any problems, into more than 10 languages – because what’s novel today may be old news by tomorrow. For this reason, tolingo offers an overnight service to enable customers such as Helvetic Airways to have fast and flexible communication.

Because of its numerous translators worldwide, tolingo is able to process orders at short notice within a few hours and in the highest quality. Press releases with important news are translated overnight by certified specialist translators; the press release can be distributed all over the world the next morning, right on time.

Less Rain GmbH Less Rain Logo

“As an internationally operating agency that also has international clients in Europe, the USA and Japan, we not only need translations in diverse languages, but also for very technical texts from various industries.

tolingo is able to cover this enormous spectrum. All jobs are completed promptly – even by the following day, if the deadline requires it. It’s not just us, but also our clients who are impressed by speed and quality. The extremely friendly and helpful staff always do their best, meaning that we have enjoyed working with tolingo for years. “
(Carsten Schneider, Managing Director)

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