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Specialist Marketing and PR translations

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Those who work in the field of marketing understand the high demands on all internal and external communication. The focus always lies on the corresponding target group, to whose preferences and needs all texts are oriented. Tonality and cultural adaptation are therefore at least as important as correctly reproducing the content when it comes to translating marketing or PR texts. As a result, translators in the field of marketing have generally studied literature, journalism or marketing, or have many years of experience in the writing and translation of texts. A feel for language and empathy for the target groups are the most important prerequisites for providing a professional, high-quality translation in this field.

We know that marketing texts often have to be translated within very tight deadlines over the weekend or overnight, which is why we offer you our tolingo express service, enabling you to have your translation finished on the table within just a few hours and with the usual high level of quality for an extra charge.

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All data that we receive from you will be treated as strictly confidential. Every tolingo translator is bound by confidentiality and exclusively produces their texts in our system, preventing them from downloading or copying your text. We will be happy to issue a separate non-disclosure agreement for you.

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Work sample Marketing and PR translations

As a rapidly growing airline, Helvetic Airways relies on fast, professional reporting in various countries. New developments must be translated promptly and straight-forwardly into over 10 languages – after all, what’s new today might be old-fashioned tomorrow.

This is why tolingo offers an overnight service to enable fast, flexible communication for clients like Helvetic Airways. Thanks to its many translators worldwide, tolingo is able to process last-minute projects in just a few hours and with a high level of quality. Press releases containing important news are translated overnight by certified translators so the press releases can be released throughout the world first thing the next morning.