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Marketing translations for agencies

Marketing translations for agencies

Translating marketing and market research texts is a particular challenge for every translation agency. Alongside the translation, the polished texts must also be localised and adapted by the translator in order to achieve the intended effect among the desired target groups, even abroad.

This is why tolingo only allows translation projects for marketing or market research agencies to be processed by professional translators who have studied literature, journalism or marketing or have many years of experience in the writing, translating and localisation of the following types of text.

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Secure translation

Things often have to move quickly in the agency industry, so we offer an express service for urgent jobs. Your job will then be processed immediately by one of our qualified translators as a top priority and you will receive short texts fully translated in just a few hours.

Of course, your ideas, designs and data are treated as strictly confidential at tolingo. This is why tolingo was awarded the DIN EN 15038 seal by LinquaCert. If you would like a separate non-disclosure agreement from us, we will, of course, be happy to provide this.

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To work on a variety of formats and document types, tolingo provides translators with the latest tools which ensure consistency and accuracy and considerably simplify the work, even for highly formatted texts. This means that even texts containing images or InDesign documents can be processed and translations are delivered ready for printing.

We’ve already done this before

Market research: this is just as essential for the precise adaptation of new products or services to meet the wishes of target groups as it is for measuring marketing successes.

As a market research institute with a global presence and a head office in New York, Harris Interactive is a professional contact point for clients in many countries in all areas of this field: idea generation, design and product tests, pricing, sales volume estimates and much more. The internationally operating group mainly requires translations in a short space of time and in a wide variety of language combinations.

Translations of what’s known as “verbatims” for surveys are usually carried out by tolingo translators in the form of Excel tables so that market research experts can keep a detailed overview, even after the translation. As scientific knowledge from psychology and the behavioural sciences lies behind the ingenious questions, their correct translation and localisation is crucial for the quality of the results. As a result, the translations are exclusively produced at tolingo by marketing and market research experts. tolingo prevents oversights or misunderstandings by using a second translator to proofread the text afterwards.