marketing translations tailored to your target groupmarketing translations tailored to your target group
Marketing and PR

Always strike the right tone – with marketing and PR translations

Even the best claim, copy or editorial content can’t achieve much if the target group in your target country misunderstands the advertising message you want to send. On the contrary: The consequence could be a humiliating blow to your reputation or even an injunction suit. It’s for precisely this reason that our translation agency only works with the most experienced and talented specialist marketing and advertising translators in the industry, which ensures that our translations flawlessly communicate the original texts’ core messages, tone and any intentional wordplay – all with an essential ear for linguistic subtleties and a skilled eye for all the nuances of comprehension and interpretation at work within the entire text.

The benefits of working with tolingo for marketing translations, at a glance:

  • Global network of specialist translators experienced in the marketing and PR industry
  • Assigned contact partners for every project and company
  • 24/7 acceptance of all advertising and PR formats
  • High-quality express translations - even when time is of the essence
  • Wide range of services offered in editing, DTP and InDesign, including international review processes
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Getting to the heart of core messages and linguistic identities all over the world

The perfect marketing translation can make the transition across cultures without losing any of the source text’s identity and messaging. This is why, for translating texts in the fields of advertising, marketing, corporate identity and public relations, tolingo seeks out specialist translators native to the target country who have had appropriate professional training or gained many years of experience in marketing and advertising. The result is natural, fluent language appropriate to a wide variety of contexts, from formal or business writing to everyday speech, consequently enabling a complete identity to emerge between the advertising message and target group, whether in a brochure, style guide and catalogue, print campaign, slogan or cross-medial storytelling using social media and print.

  • Internationalise faster with tolingo’s desktop publishing team

    Especially in the marketing and PR sector, things need to be published in the correct form quickly and reliably. For this reason, desktop publishers with technological and typographical experience provide you with the option of inserting the advertising and marketing translations into the final layout document directly and accurately while adjusting all design elements to fit – no matter if the software used for the task is InDesign, FrameMaker or Illustrator. This makes it even simpler to internationalise marketing texts when time is of the essence.

  • A knack for multichannel campaigning and publishing

    Nowadays, for an international company to establish the optimal linguistic link between itself and the global market using advertising, marketing and PR, it needs to be aware of and understand each and every modern communication channel - as well as their respective quirks. Not to mention perfecting the form, structure and phrasing of marketing texts for each area of application, regardless of whether their ultimate destination is an online press release, social media platform or traditional media like print, TV or radio. This is the only way to ensure that the results are effective. Thanks to the more than 6,000 carefully selected, highly qualified specialist native-speaker translators it works with, tolingo can guarantee that your marketing translations will meet this standard.

  • Express translations for advertising and marketing

    These days, the global media market is constantly throwing up stringent requirements for advertising agencies or marketing and PR departments – especially in publishing, where time is of the essence. That’s why tolingo offers high-quality express translations 24/7 – for any language combination, target market or advertising/PR format – that can be adapted to suit the client’s schedule, even when the deadlines are tight.

Services that ‘go the extra mile’

As a certified translation agency, tolingo is the service provider you need for advertising and marketing translations. Because we’ve already partnered with many clients in the marketing and PR sector, tolingo knows exactly what makes this industry tick. From press releases to advertising concepts, major corporations or mid-sized companies – every translation project and every company receives an assigned contact from the very beginning, which prevents redundancy and the need to explain things more than once. This saves you time, frustration and money. What’s more, agencies and marketing departments can use our modern online shop, technological infrastructure or services at any time for tasks such as inserting translated texts directly into layout documents for perfect desktop publishing and rapid internationalisation. For more information on our huge range of marketing & PR services, feel free to contact us – we’ll tell you more!

Our clients about us

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As an internationally operating agency that also has international clients, we not only need translations in diverse languages, but also for very technical texts from various industries. tolingo is able to cover this enormous spectrum. All jobs are completed promptly – even by the following day, if the deadline requires it. It’s not just us, but also our clients who are impressed by the speed and quality.

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Selection of our services

Asian woman is handed a delivery and smiles at the delivery man - express translation

Express translation

Even when things need to happen quickly, we make sure that every project is handled correctly for the subject area and all delivered translations are of high quality - for all industries and languages.

Express translation
Professional translation of AdWords campaigns

AdWords translation

If your keyword lists result in several logical translations for individual terms, our translators can select the translations that achieve the greatest number of hits in the target country’s search engine.

AdWords translation
Professional editing and proofreeding services

Editing and proofreading

In addition to the translation services we offer, you can also order proofreading or editing from tolingo. The source text is first translated, then polished by a second translator.

Editing and proofreading