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Speed, accuracy and security are the three most important aspects to consider when translating official documents. We are one of the few translation agencies to have quadruple ISO certification and work together with native-speaker translators in all time zones, which means we can handle requests at short notice quickly. Our specialised AI system is always ready for work, which means we can create – and certify – translations of your documents quickly and reliably.

For private clients: You can order certified translations of standard documents quickly and easily at Beglaubigung24. Upload – and you’re done!

Why tolingo

Professional translation –
for all documents

Translations of contracts, certificates, deeds, testimonials and other official documents must be particularly accurate. Our translators have a trained eye for detail and our specialist AI system translates precisely. If needed, our sworn translators can also produce a certified translation.

Fast delivery –
plus (Super) Express option

We translate your documents immediately – in the case of smaller jobs, you can even get the translation within 1-2 working days. There are Express and Super Express options for particularly urgent matters. With these, we give high priority to your order and speed up the process.

Maximum security –
thanks to certified processes

At tolingo, sensitive data and reliable information is secure. Our quality management (ISO 9001) and our information security (ISO/IEC 27001) are certified. All our employees are made aware of client data protection and are given regular training. This way we ensure highest quality standards.

Professional translations of documents –
when you need it done well & fast

Often, translations of documents are already needed yesterday – and error-free, of course. In most cases, they are important contracts or official certificates, which must be signed or submitted very soon. In each case, the documents contain information that must be replicated 100% correctly in the target language. Our specialist translators respond within a very short space of time, look at every detail and work accurately. Should time be particularly pressing, a machine translation can be of great benefit – above all in the case of standardised documents. If you wish, we can still produce high-quality translations for you within an even shorter amount of time by combining a specialist translation with machine translation.

The key word is quality: with a certified translation you play it safe. For certified translations we use sworn translators who translate your documents and certify them with a stamp and signature. For private individuals, we recommend using the service offered by Beglaubigung24, where you can order birth certificates, driving licenses and much more online and in just a few clicks.

For private individuals

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Have your documents translated – ISO certified & (super) fast

When it comes to quality and performance, we never compromise: We choose our specialist translators according to clear criteria; we keep our artificial intelligence at cutting edge level; and we regularly optimise our processes to make them even more efficient. That is why the service tolingo provides has also been awarded 4 ISO certifications: for our translation services (ISO 17100), for post-editing of machine translations (ISO 18587), for our quality management (ISO 9001) and our information security (ISO/IEC 27001).


High-quality results – even at top speed

Despite being quick anyway and often delivering translations sooner than promised, we can always step it up a notch. We often do that particularly with documents such as contracts that must be submitted the next day. If you agree, we can then use our artificial intelligence to produce a top-quality translation in just a few moments. If you wish, we can also arrange for our experts to check it and add the final touches. Or we pick up the pace with our Express and Super-Express options, giving your job high priority so it can be carried out straight away.

Translations of your documents

We translate (and certify)

  • Balance sheets
  • Certificates and deeds
  • Commercial register extracts
  • Company guidelines
  • Contracts
  • Court orders
  • Financial statements
  • Identification papers
  • Invoices
  • Judgements
  • Letters
  • Medical documents
  • Official communications
  • Official documents
  • Testimonials, references & reports

Many add-on services & all languages –
for successful communication worldwide

When you have your documents translated, you want to be absolutely certain and you don’t want to lose any time. Has everything been translated correctly? Can you forward the translation straight away? Reviewing and preparing the translated documents can mean additional expense and time for you. We can take this work off your hands. With our add-on services we make your translation ready to send straight off: We officially confirm the accuracy of the content with a stamp and a signature, take another really close look at it for fine-tuning and adding the final touches, and adjust the layout to match the original.

If you need documents translating, particularly popular add-on services include:

Certified translation

Our sworn translators translate your documents and officially certify them with a stamp and signature.

Proofreading & editing

A second translator takes another close look at the translation and revises its content, language and style.

Layout adaptation

So that it looks exactly like the original document: We translate your text and adopt the layout of the source text.

Document translations in every world language

At tolingo, we work with native-speaker translators in all time zones and for all languages, which means we can respond quickly and translate into and out of every world language. Particularly requested language combinations for translating documents are:

You can find an overview of our language combinations here.

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