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tolingo GmbH
Winterstraße 2
22765 Hamburg

Tel: +49(0)40 418 583 100
Fax: +49 40 413 583 499

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Fact sheet

What is tolingo?

tolingo is a one-of-a-kind, 24/7 online translation agency, that unites translation expertise, creativity and innovative technology. Owing to our unique, global online translation pool of over 6,000 translators, we can translate any text at any time with the best translators worldwide.

What makes tolingo different?

tolingo is the future of translation. No bureaucracy, no paperwork and no long wait. The cost calculator on the tolingo homepage makes it possible for the customer to instantly generate an exact and final quote. As soon as the customer decides to place an order at tolingo, the document is offered to those translators who perfectly match the customer’s category and language requirements. The text is translated exclusively over the tolingo website which ensures the highest possible security to our customers, guarantees that the translators receive regular updates on available translations, and saves translators from having to buy specialist translation software. The customer benefits not only from a fully transparent pricing model, but s/he has the added advantage of being able to check the progress of the translation at any time. Thanks to the automated billing process, we are able to save on manpower and invest our time in more important tasks i.e. the perfect translation!

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