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It’s easy to make a good impression in the Free State of Bavaria – if you speak proper Bavarian German, of course. That’s why we recommend teaming up with a local partner like tolingo, your reliable translation agency for Munich. Bavarians even have the perfect saying for it: Hau di hera, dann samma mehra (have a seat and join us!)

We’re able to implement translation projects in over 220 language combinations. Thanks to our ISO-certified quality assurance system, short turnaround time and simple ordering processes, the translation agency tolingo is a one-stop shop for all your needs.

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More than 110,000
satisfied clients

Be part of our success story! Over 110,000 satisfied customers already place their trust in tolingo. When it comes to excellent translations, we are your first choice.

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Maximum safety

We handle your data very carefully throughout the entire process. Data security is just as important to us as the quality of our translations. This is confirmed by our 4 certifications: for translation services (ISO 17100), for post-editing of Machine Translations (ISO 18587), for quality management (ISO 9001) and for information security (ISO/IEC 27001).

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Best quality 

At tolingo, we only work with native translators who live in the country of the target language. Our artificial intelligence (AI) is highly specialised and produces high-quality translations within seconds.

By combining man and machine, we create outstanding results in any language combination.

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(Super) fast service

With a network of over 6,000 translators in all time zones, we respond quickly to your request. We usually send the translation to you within a few days – depending on the volume of the text.

And if you're in a hurry, we'll prioritise your translation with the Express or Super-Express options and deliver it even faster – without any loss of quality.

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In all of our processes, the needs of our clients are our top priority! Our processes are tailored to the needs of our clients down to the tiniest detail – this is what enables us to deliver the best possible results for every translation service we provide. When you work with tolingo, you can expect nothing but excellence, security and speed:

  • Your translation projects will be handled exclusively by certified professional translators
  • All of our translators are native speakers in their respective language with years of professional experience
  • We utilise customer-oriented, certified and strictly monitored processes in accordance with ISO 17100 and ISO 9001
  • For us, ‘data security’ and ‘discretion’ are not just empty words. Our ISO 27001 certification confirms that we follow the strictest possible IT security standards

Thanks to our extensive pool of more than 6,000 translators, we can take on projects of any scale or scope. And when needed, of course, these can also be certified or express translations – as the Bavarians say, do legst di nieda! (it will blow you away!)

Professional translations –
Exactly to meet your needs.

As a translation agency working in Munich, tolingo offers professional translations that are always 100% flawless and error-free – which makes it practically impossible for you to convey the wrong message! Precise and target-group-oriented translation of your content into other languages is the key to international business success – thanks to our highly competent team of internal and external employees with specific industry knowledge in a wide variety of specialist areas, we can provide you with the best possible support for projects of any kind.

Here’s a selection of the comprehensive range of language and translation services we offer for your expansion from Munich into all global markets:










If it's (super) urgent, we'll turbo-charge on request, prioritize your order and deliver the translation extra quickly - without any loss of quality.
A second translator takes a close look at the translation. Where necessary, the text is adapted technically, linguistically and stylistically.
We make it official: Our sworn translators provide you with a certified translation for all documents - with stamp and signature.
If you want the translation to look good, too: Our graphics experts format the translated text exactly as in the original document.
We create a glossary with your translation modules. This way, you always communicate in a consistent manner and increase your recognition value.
Your translations are stored in a database and used in future commissions. This increases consistency and saves you time and money.


Choosing the right translator can make a difference, especially when it comes to specialized fields. As a reputable translation agency, we engage experts proficient not only in the language but also in the technical terminology.

And here is a selection of the fields in which our translators are particularly skilled:

  • Art & culture
  • Automotive
  • Banking & Finance
  • E-Commerce & Trade
  • Marketing & PR
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Medicine & Pharmaceuticals
  • Legal
  • Science
  • Technology
  • Travel & Tourism



Our goal is to provide our clients in and around Munich with high-quality translations that will win their loyalty. Our network comprises more than 6,000 native-speaker specialist translators – with this wealth of expertise, we are able to cover more than 220 different language combinations as our standard portfolio. This includes the following languages (for translations in both directions):

German – English
German – French
German – Italian
German – Spanish
German – Dutch
German – Polish
German – Russian
German – Chinese
German – Japanese

English – German
English – French
English – Spanish
English – Italian
English – Chinese

French – German
French – English
French – Italian
French – Spanish
French – Swedish

Do you need a translation into or out of a different language for your company in Munich? Then just contact us at any time. We’re sure to find the right solution for you thanks to the countless further language combinations we offer beyond those listed here!

Two colleagues in Munich, Germany, discussing translation services

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Munich as your starting point, the world as your target? Let me advise you! My goal: Your texts should be perfectly translated – in any language.

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Goncalo Silva
Key Account Manager
0049 800 55 133 00

A pioneer among translation agencies: ISO-certified quality and security

You can count on us: All of our processes at our Munich translation agency have been secured with modern IT and certified in accordance with TÜV standards. Proven high quality and security are always guaranteed at tolingo:

  • Translation competence (ISO 17100) thanks to experienced translators and professional project management for our clients
  • IT security (ISO 27001) thanks to secure data transmission, documented and confidential information handling and strict compliance with the GDPR
  • Quality management (ISO 9001) in everything we do: Our focus on the customer, continuous improvement, relevant education and training and adherence to proven and documented processes

This triple certification makes us one of the top professional translation agencies in Germany and confirms that we offer outstandingly high quality.


Customised solutions for every project

Bavaria is one of Europe’s most attractive locations for industry. To maintain this status, local Bavarian economic policy aims to advance the ‘Free State’ (as it’s known in German) in terms of investment, innovation and international competitiveness. The key to long-term success is a professional presence on the world market. With an experienced Munich translation agency like tolingo as a language services provider, you can make what your company offers more international in every respect.

The project managers at our translation agency will be happy to advise you on suitable full-service solutions for your company based in or around Munich. These include localisation and full-service packages as well as machine translation, certified translation, style guide creation, file engineering and other services that will make a small but significant difference for your individual project.


Translation agency for Munich: Get in touch with us!

Bavaria may be your home, but is your goal is to take over the world? Then tolingo is the ideal partner, as your translation agency in Munich. When you work with us, you’ll benefit from:

  • professional specialised translations
  • by native speakers who have a cultural affinity with the country of the target language
  • with the right services
  • at a fair price

Ask for a free and non-binding quotation today: Just contact us and let us advise you with regard to your requirements and wishes. We look forward to hearing from you!