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tolingo, your translation service – for messages with a global impact

Do you need a specialist translation for your first-class content, one that is not just understandable but that also works in the cultural context of the target language? Or does your demanding content, such as technical documentation, legal or medical texts, require an extremely precise translation, one that leaves no room for interpretation? 

If either of these cases applies to you, you’ve come to the right place here at the international translation service tolingo. We deliver translations that are appropriate to the impact you want your translations to have – whether that’s an emotive message or meticulous accuracy.

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You can place small translation jobs directly and 24/7 in our web shop. For jobs that are more complex, it is almost always worth contacting us directly.

You can reach us by phone or email Monday through Friday from 8:00 to 19:00.
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Professional translations –
into every world language

tolingo is a leading international translation service. Our 6,000 or so native speakers translate texts into more than 220 language combinations, adapt them for the respective cultural environment and proofread them down to the very last detail. 

In doing so, human and artificial intelligence are increasingly working in tandem here at tolingo – individually tailored to your respective wishes and project requirements. This results in translations that are both eloquent and extremely precise. For messages with a global impact.

We achieve all of this with proven quality. Because tolingo is one of the very few language service providers to have earned triple ISO certification.

You can count on quality –
the Gold standard of our translation service

Are your translation jobs more complex?
It’s worth thinking about them in advance

Even a single translation project can require a bit of explanation so an order volume for a whole year will need even more. If you have repeated translation requirements, it is always worth specifying the details at the start of your collaboration with a translation service.

A clear briefing helps you and us to produce translations that meet your specific requirements. In doing so, we check which types of text you want to have translated, who your target audience is and what the desired impact of your content is. Are you submitting largely stimulating and emotive media to be translated or are they actually specialist texts, which require our translators to have specific industry or subject expertise? As your translation service, the more we learn in advance the better.

Get good advice
Because an accurate translation is not always the same as a good translation. The criteria listed above are crucial to ensuring good quality. We are happy to provide comprehensive advice. Simply contact us by email or give us a call.

Quickly, conveniently or cost-effective?
Solutions for more efficiency

Apart from high-quality translations, what else is important to you? Is it quick deliveries, convenient workflows or cost-effective solutions? Our company has solutions to meet all your needs and support you in the best way possible. 

  • For example, we can incorporate translated content into your layout file using desktop publishing (DTP), saving your graphics department money. No longer will they have to guess where a hyphenation or a new line would make sense in the other language.
  • It can be worth using an application programming interface (API), for example, if you regularly want to have lots of content translated, e.g. from websites, software or apps. There isn’t a global solution on the translation market that can be rolled out onto all systems and requirements. We can develop efficient technical solutions with your IT department in order to automate translation processes.
  • It may also pay off for you to use Machine Translation (MT). This form of translation by our agency is particularly suitable for texts without emotionalising intent. Legal, medical and technical content often gains precision and reduces costs thanks to this.

Be discerning
tolingo was established in 2007 – as an international translation service, we know the many and varied translation process requirements of a wide range of different companies. We have worked with many clients for many years as a well-coordinated team. And so we also look forward to your orders and will be happy to create the right workflows for you too.

Let tolingo handle your translations!
You can reach us by phone or email Monday through Friday from 8:00 to 19:00.
Our web shop is available 24/7.

  • Examples of our services

    Here’s what we offer

    Our industries
    Our translation service is very broadly positioned. With our global network of more than 6,000 translators, we can cover a wide range of different specialist areas and industries. We have experienced specialists for automotive, banking, e-commerce, electronics, events, finance and FinTech, trade, real estate, IT, culture, lifestyle, logistics, aviation, mechanical engineering, marketing, medicine, pharmaceuticals, law, technology, tourism, insurance and advertising.

  • 220 language combinations

    Our translators are experts in more than 50 languages and offer more than 220 language combinations altogether. This means we can cover everything from in-demand combinations, such as German – English, to relatively common pairings like Italian − Spanish, to the less common ones such as Dutch – French. Do you need an especially rare dialect? Even in this case, our translation service is bound to be able to find the right solution for you.

    Our 10 most frequently requested language combinations

    German – English
    German – French
    German – Italian
    German – Spanish 
    German – Dutch
    German – Polish
    German – Russian
    German – Chinese
    German – Japanese
    German – Hungarian

    For a complete list of all language combinations that we offer, please click here.

  • 6,000 native-speaker translators

    In order to produce high-quality translations, we rely on a network of more than 6,000 verified and qualified specialist translators.

    Native speakers live in their own country
    Because language is developing more and more quickly, countries are changing and new trends are emerging in no time – these realities of life have an impact on language. So, at tolingo, your content is generally translated by native speakers who live in the specified country. This principle gives authenticity to your translated text. There are exceptions to our self-imposed rule: For example, we occasionally use native speakers for translations in far-eastern languages who live in Europe. By collaborating in similar time zones, we can ensure faster delivery times.

    Industry knowledge and subject expertise
    For your orders, we use the translators who are the ideal fit for your industry, your brand or your specific type of text. So, for example, for your marketing media, we use translators with editorial skills and for contract documentation, we use translators with legal expertise. And again, for construction manuals and technical documentation, we use translators who have the relevant subject-matter expertise.

    The same translators and always using the four-eye principle
    Where possible, we manage your translation jobs so that they are handled by the same team. We use the four-eye principle (translation followed by proofreading) as standard – that means all your content is first translated by a native speaker and then proofread by another translator. Deviations (down or up) from this principle are possible at the client’s request.

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Lucia Dessena translation agency tolingo

Lucia Dessena

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