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As one of the leading translation service providers in Germany, we offer an extensive wealth of experience and high-quality services, not to mention a global network of more than 6,000 specialist translators who work in every world language and subject area. tolingo’s clients also benefit from our convenient online shop, state-of-the-art quality-assurance technology and experienced account managers who provide personalised support. Read on to discover why tolingo is the ideal translation company for a wide variety of language services:


Here’s what sets tolingo apart from the competition

In a hurry? Take advantage of our express service!

If you need your document translated particularly urgently, we also offer an express translation option for both of these ordering methods. There is an additional fee associated with this. For this exceptionally fast service, all you have to do is select an earlier date than the one automatically suggested by the system. The price will then automatically be adjusted by the online shop. The finished translation will often be returned to you on the same day, depending on the length of the document and the language selected.

The advantages tolingo offers, at a glance

  • Prompt translations around the clock

  • Express service, even for larger order volumes

  • Modern, certified technology

  • Place an order with just a few clicks 

The translators at tolingo are among the best in their field

For over a decade, the tolingo translation company has offered document translation and services at the highest level. The most important factor behind our success is the certified quality of our more than 6,000 specialist translators. Each and every one of our translators:

  • brings with them advanced professional training

  • offers a wealth of professional experience and knowledge in their specific field

  • is a native speaker and translates exclusively into their mother tongue

  • is only accepted into our pool of translators after an extensive review of their qualifications and skills

This is how we ensure that every word is translated correctly (both linguistically and in terms of cultural associations) and appropriately for the respective target group – no matter whether the text is to be translated into Mandarin, Spanish or Afrikaans, or any other language. And if required, our sworn translators can of course also provide certified translations.

  • Certification for three DIN EN ISO standards means top quality

    Here at tolingo, we aim to offer our clients the best possible service in every respect so that they can feel secure in the knowledge that they’re in safe hands. For this reason, we regularly have our translation company audited against the following standards:

    • ISO-27001 certification from TÜV SÜD. This industry standard sets out requirements for implementation, application, monitoring and improvement of all aspects of data security.

    • Certification in accordance with ISO 17100:2015. tolingo fulfills all requirements specified by this standard for the provision of high-quality translation services.

    • Quality standard ISO 9001:2015 certification. This standard stipulates that companies maintain a robust quality-management system, regularly review themselves and strive for continuous improvement in a structured manner. In addition, the client is consistently given priority to ensure that services and offers are tailored to demand.

    This triple achievement demonstrates once again that tolingo is a pioneer among translation companies, and also that we have earned the trust of our numerous international clients in a wide range of industries.

  • Tailored targeting thanks to localisation

    As a professional translation service provider, here at tolingo we differentiate between translation and localisation. In translations, a text is transferred from one language to another word for word, without changing the content. Localisation, on the other hand, makes it possible to refer to local or regional specificities, such as geography, dialect or spelling, by making meaningful adjustments to the content (for example, a mention of Schollenfilets – plaice fillets – in a text from Hamburg becomes paella de marisco in the Spanish version for readers from Madrid).

    The use of regionally specific associations enhances the impact of the text and helps the reader better identify with the content. The reader will feel as if the text was written just for them. As a professional agency, we offer localisation in addition to ‘regular’ translation for numerous language combinations. We are also happy to advise you on which of our services we recommend for your individual project.

  • Outstanding client support with full-service solutions

    Personal, client-specific advice is our top priority here at the tolingo translation company. The best way for us to produce optimal results for your project, no matter how complex, is by maintaining personal contact and gaining a thorough understanding of your needs. Especially for larger projects with many detailed aspects, an external translation company is particularly suitable as a project partner because of the potential savings in resources. This means you can benefit from an experienced contact person who will ensure reliable project management for you here at tolingo. Our full-service solutions make it possible to complete all your translations on time and without complications.

Do you still have questions? We’d love to answer them!

Would you like to discuss the details of your translation project and the various options for implementation or receive an individual quotation? We want every client to ‘have a good feeling about’ working with our company right from the start of the project. That’s why tolingo offers you the chance to confirm our level of expertise for yourself through a free consultation. This conversation is absolutely non-binding, of course.

You can reach us by phone or email from Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Lucia Dessena translation agency tolingo

Lucia Dessena

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