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Technical translations

Technical translation
– precise and understandable translations

Your translation agency for all forms of technical translations

Have you ever read a manual and not understood it although it was in your native tongue? A technical translation ‘isn’t just’ a translation: its main purpose is to convey highly complex topics in a comprehensible manner. Your international readers would love to have documents, instructions or manuals in their own language just as long as the translation itself feels like a ‘real language’!   


Precision can be a question of safety
In the mechanical engineering industry and other technical sectors, the documentation of processes, safety precautions and instructions are also subject to many regulations. That’s why precision is so crucial when it comes to technical translations. After all, a better understanding of things leads to greater safety. 


Have complex texts translated with ease
There is clearly a lot to take into consideration with a professional translation of technical texts. As a quadruple certified translation agency, this is our speciality. You can let us easily translate complex texts for you. 


Complex topics translated with ease
Your benefits with the tolingo translation services


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  • Challenges with technical texts

    Companies in the field of mechanical engineering in particular are subject to strict legal regulations in the name of increased operational safety. For this reason, technical documentation such as operating instructions or manufacturer’s declarations must also meet specific requirements. Safety data sheets, for example, require a uniform translation in accordance with certain criteria.

    Consistency is crucial
    There is one requirement when it comes to upholding legal requirements and standards – the consistent use of specific technical terms.

    Niche terminology? 
    Our certified translators for technical documentation always use the relevant technical terms in a consistent manner. Consistency is guaranteed with the help of a translation memory.


  • Our translators: technically, professionally and linguistically qualified

    Translating technical content can be quite challenging for technical translators: excellent language skills are required in addition to a comprehensive understanding of technical details and processes.

    6,000 translators at your disposal
    Thanks to our network of more than 6,000 experienced and certified translators, you can rely on a high-quality translation of your technical documentation and manuals.

    More than native speakers
    Your translation order will be carried out by experienced and qualified native speakers of the desired target language. The respective translators will also possess the relevant industry knowledge. All premium translations also include proofreading by other independent specialist translators in accordance with the ‘four-eye principle’ (translation followed by proofreading). This enables us to guarantee a consistently high level of translation quality.

A clever solution for every project
– We provide all kinds of technical translations

We handle technical translations for a wide variety of industries and target groups on a day-to-day basis. For instance, for customers from the following sectors:

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Environmental technology
  • Aeronautical engineering
  • Civil engineering
  • Software technology
  • Automotive industry

For companies from these industries, it is crucial that the respective content be precisely translated and the proper technical terms be used.
Above all, texts that, for example, deal with the operation of technical equipment and thus directly affect the safety of people must be translated with absolute precision.


Among the most frequently requested text types are:

  • Technical documentation
  • Operating instructions and instruction manuals
  • Operating instructions, process descriptions and service manuals
  • Training materials
  • Assembly instructions
  • CAD drawings
  • Declarations of conformity
  • Manufacturer’s declarations
  • Safety data sheets
  • Software files


tolingo offers translations for almost all file formats. Do you need a technical translation for another text type? Then feel free to contact us directly!


Uncomplicated and professional
– 4 times certified quality from tolingo

  • 100% certified quality

    • In order to carry out cost-effective translation projects and to guarantee consistently high translation quality over the long term, we can create a glossarytranslation memory and style guide for you on request. The certification of our quality management according to ISO 9001:2015 proves that this system pays off.
  • Qualified and specialised native speakers

    • Excellent language skills at native level and sound knowledge in various specialist fields – this is what distinguishes our specialist translators for technical translations. For quality assurance purposes, each text is proofread by a second, independent translator. This is how tolingo guarantees the highest quality for every single technical translation.
  • Proven and certified translation process

    • Our professional translation process enables us to carry out translation projects quickly, automatically and with the client’s individual requests in mind – all without affecting the high level of our translation quality. This is also confirmed by our certification according to ISO 17100:2015.
  • Guaranteed data security

    • Your sensitive data is protected throughout the translation process and even after the project has been completed. This guarantees data transmission with SSL encryption as well as a confidentiality agreement from our translators and staff. The security of our systems is also proven by the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification.

In addition to these advantages, as a certified translation agency, tolingo offers comprehensive service and holistic, personal support throughout the entire translation process – from a free quote to the delivery of your technical translation. Next to technical translation services, we provide translation of many other document types as well as localization. We look forward to hearing from you – and to working with you!

Frequently asked questions
about technical translations

  • What is a technical translation?


    Technical translations are translations of texts dealing with technical subjects and contexts.
    Manuals, technical documentation, instructions, safety data sheets, manufacturer’s declarations, or software declarations are examples of such texts.


    Special requirements
    A technical translation has very special requirements: It must be very precise, consistent throughout the entire text and of course accurate. The source text’s meaning must be translated into the target language as clearly and accurately as possible. The use of technical terminology and an error-free interpretation into the target language play an important role here.


    A question of safety
    With some technical texts, such as safety data sheets or technical documentation in the mechanical engineering industry, this is a matter of safety and accident prevention. In such cases, the texts must often also comply with legal requirements to ensure safety.


    Specialist translators are a must
    Certified specialist translators are therefore a must for the precise and comprehensible translation of technical texts. Only native translators with a complete understanding of technical processes in their field of expertise work for us. 


  • Who are the technical translators?


    Specialist translators
    Technical translators are specialised in translating technical texts and fulfilling this form of translation’s high standards. In addition to a basic understanding of technology, a high degree of specialisation in the technical field of expertise is required in general.

    Only when the translators have a fundamental understanding of the described processes can they accurately translate the often complex text. 


    It’s our translators’ daily business to clearly convey technology for readers around the world
    As a technical translation company, we translate many different technical documents, instruction manuals, technical reports and interface texts for machines on a daily basis.

    Our network with more than 6,000 specialist translators offers you two advantages here: a high degree of flexibility and access to experienced specialist translators for nearly every technical field. 


  • How much does a technical translation cost?

    You can have technical documents translated by a professional starting at a rate of 10 cents per word (plus the basic rate of €14.90). 


    Price per language combination
    We translate in more than 220 language combinations from all over the world. The price changes depending on the combination

    Always included in the price
    An essential component of any translation at tolingo is the free quality control according to the ‘four-eye principle’ (translation followed by proofreading) carried out by several translators. The cost structure is not influenced by the subject area nor the file format of the document that you need to have translated.

    Non-binding cost estimate
    The easy way to translate your texts. Use the price calculator to get a free quotation. Or simply place your order on our web shop and make a note that you would like a technical translation.

    Is your project slightly more complex?
    Contact us. We will prepare a customised offer for your complex projects. 


  • What languages can translations be ordered in?

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