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It’s common knowledge that iconic philosophers, thinkers and writers such as Homer, Socrates and Aristotle wrote their works in Ancient Greek. But it may come as a surprise to learn that the word “Greek” is actually an umbrella term for many different varieties of this language! Read on to find out more about why that’s the case – and why tolingo is the ideal translation services provider for both Greek to English and English to Greek.

The benefits of working with tolingo for professional Greek translation services

  • Specialist translations for virtually all sectors and content types
  • Using native speakers who understand complex issues
  • Over 220 language combinations
  • Tailored quotations and customer service packages
  • Modern, certified technology & CAT tools
  • Round-the-clock express translation service
  • More than 10 years of international market & translation expertise

At a glance:  Targeted Greek translations made easy

In the public consciousness, images of beautiful beaches and picturesque villages are inseparable from the word ‘Greece’. The country on the Aegean Sea has more than earned its reputation as one of Europe’s most popular holiday destinations. 

In addition to its flourishing tourism sector, the country also offers numerous other industries with promising opportunities for investors and companies seeking to expand their reach. Multilingualism is a prerequisite for both international trade and B2C-oriented sectors such as tourism. Still, content must always be adapted to the country-specific requirements and also meet the particularities of the respective sectors to ensure that smooth communication is possible. This is the only way to tap into new markets, win new clients and consumers, and retain them in the long term.

As one of the largest and most acclaimed translation agencies in Germany, we stand out among our competitors in particular for the quality of our translations, the speed of our turnaround times and the ease of ordering in all language combinations. And that’s exactly why we are the ideal translation agency to partner with you for Greek to German projects and any other language combination.

  • The experts you need for the Greek market

    Our native-speaker Greek technical translators have proven comprehensive linguistic qualifications and are very familiar with the culture of this diverse country. In addition, they specialise in individual subject areas, enabling them to produce precise and appealing translations of your texts, no matter the field – from marketing & PR to legal and technical translations.

    This is especially true for the most important sectors in the Greek market:


    For years now, the trend has been moving away from package holidays and towards individual experiences, as more and more people want to not only relax in their hotel complex, but also actively get to know the country and its people. A fascinating country like Greece has a lot to offer in this respect, and with modern innovations like interactive apps especially for tourists or SEO-optimised information about leisure activities, even the most discerning guests will be delighted by the range of possibilities.


    Feta, ouzo, tzatziki, olive oil – Greek specialities are popular and in high demand all over the world. Food production accounts for a good third of the Greek economy. When it comes to manufacturing foodstuffs, particularly high requirements must be met, and when importing and exporting goods outside the European Union, the numerous forms and documents required must always be available immediately, especially when transporting perishable goods.


    Thanks to the natural occurrence of bauxite in Greece, the production of aluminium as well as steel is an important factor for the economy, alongside the extraction of mineral oil. But rubber and plastic products, as well as textiles and leather goods, are also among Greece’s diverse range of exports. At the same time, large quantities of primary products are imported. Appointment contracts, special customer specifications as well as documents for customs clearance all play an important role in this area.

    Pharmaceutical industry

    Modern scientific medicine is based on the fundamentals of the art of healing as it was practised in ancient Greece. Ancient Greek medicine – especially under the leadership of early physicians such as Hippocrates of Kos (460-370 BC) – is where the modern conviction that people could actually influence their health first emerged. The Mediterranean country is still building on this great heritage today. Greece’s pharmaceutical industry can easily hold its own against its international competitors.

    The bulk of these companies are based near Athens and specialise mainly in generic drugs. In view of the growing and ageing world population, this industry will certainly become even more important in the future. This is why Greek companies invest large sums of money in research and development and in modern production facilities. The country is already very well positioned in this area and, due to its focus on exports, is an essential partner both within and outside the EU. Translations of clinical studies, cooperation agreements and product specifications for production orders are particularly important in this area.

    High-tech and innovative

    In recent years, there have been many negative news stories about Greece in the international press; in view of the manifold challenges the country faces, more and more voices are saying that instead of a desperate race to catch up, Greece would be better off trying an alternative development strategy. This creates numerous opportunities for companies of all sizes that bring innovative concepts and unprecedented business ideas to the table. In the face of this crisis, young people in particular have had to find creative solutions; thanks to financing opportunities, for example through EquiFund, numerous new start-ups with great potential have recently been founded.

  • Highly effective translations of all content types

    Regardless of the industry, long-term success requires high-quality, accurate specialist translations from a professional translation service provider like tolingo. 

    Within the individual subject areas, we can translate a wide variety of different text types, from certified translations to website translations. Thanks to our pool of qualified native-speaker translators, tolingo is very well positioned in the following areas (for example):

  • Language combinations for professional Greek translations

    As an internationally active translation agency, we offer a total of 220 different language combinations. Our translators aren’t just native speakers of Greek – they are also experts in EnglishItalian, Spanish, Swedish, Japanese and many other languages. Our most frequent orders from clients are in the following language combinations:

    Whether you want the text translated from or into Greek – or any other language, we’ll assign your project to an appropriately qualified specialist translator based on the language combination and subject area. Thanks to our extensive network of more than 6,000 translators located around the world, we can take on projects of any scale or scope.

    If you need a language combination other than those listed on our website, please feel free to contact us directly at any time. And it goes without saying that our sworn translators can of course also provide certified translations. We’re sure to find the right solution and the perfect professional translator for you!

  • Process and workflow certification

    Here at tolingo, we aim to offer our clients the best possible service in every respect so that they can feel secure in the knowledge that they’re in safe hands. For this reason, we regularly have our translation company audited against the following standards:

    • ISO-27001 certification from TÜV SÜD. This industry standard sets out requirements for implementation, application, monitoring and improvement of all aspects of data security.
    • Certification in accordance with ISO 17100:2015. tolingo fulfils all requirements specified by this standard for the provision of high-quality translation services.
    • Quality standard ISO 9001:2015 certification. This standard stipulates that companies maintain a robust quality-management system, regularly review themselves and strive for continuous improvement in a structured manner. In addition, the client is consistently given priority to ensure that services and offers are tailored to demand.

    This triple achievement demonstrates once again that tolingo is a pioneer among translation companies, and also that we have earned the trust of our numerous clients – both in Greece and all over the world.

  • Data security is a matter of course at tolingo

    Our entire website is SSL encrypted. Every translator that works for tolingo has signed a non-disclosure agreement. This ensures that your documents and content are in safe hands with us.

    We would be happy to also issue you with a separate non-disclosure agreement. In addition to the consistently high translation quality, transparency and fairness are of the utmost importance to tolingo. With our practical price calculator and the simple ordering process via our online shop, you’ll always have a full overview of the price, scope and delivery time of your translations into Greek.

  • Our express service gets you your translations even faster

    If you need your document translated particularly urgently, we also offer an express translation option for both of these ordering methods. There is an additional fee associated with this. For this exceptionally fast service, all you have to do is select an earlier date than the one automatically suggested by the system. The price will then automatically be adjusted by the online shop. The finished translation will often be returned to you on the same day, depending on the length of the document and the language selected.

The Mount Olympus of the translation world: Localisation

As a professional translation agency, tolingo provides you with numerous services to perfectly complement the proficient and reliable translation of your text. Especially in the field of marketing, it is highly advisable to localise the content for the respective market.

Localisation is what ensures that your texts always carry the intended message, even after being translated. The only way to effectively reach your target group is to adapt your content at a cultural level as well as a linguistic one. Localisation means that geographical and cultural peculiarities are taken into account during translation and your texts are even more closely tailored to the region and target market.

What is required for successful localisation into Greek?

Greek people are justifiably proud of their millennia-old culture and its many achievements. But for a text to really inspire the target audience, it is not enough to simply name-drop a few landmarks in Thessaloniki or to quote ‘Mr Grigorakakis’ instead of ‘Mr Smith’ in a customer testimonial. What’s really called for here is genuine familiarity with the local customs and characteristics.

The best way to explain this is with an example: among Greek people, the family celebrations at Easter are an even bigger deal than Christmas in the UK. The whole family gathers together, and in smaller villages, there are large community celebrations with long banquet tables and traditional festive dishes. People gather to catch up, share jokes and dance together long into the night. If, for example, a food retailer wants to position itself as a particularly family-oriented company, it would do well to refer to this important holiday in its customer communications for the Greek market.

The main prerequisite for successful localisation is editing by native-speaker specialist translators who are experts in the Greek language – which is guaranteed for all of your projects when you partner with tolingo.

What’s unique about the Greek language?

Strictly speaking, the term “Greek” encompasses two languages – Ancient and Modern Greek – as well as the historical “Koine” variant and several dialects.

  • Ancient Greek

    In the ancient world, Ancient Greek was a lingua franca and still plays a prominent role in world literature today. The influence of this language variant extends into the modern era and beyond the country’s borders:

    Countless modern English words originate in Ancient Greek: for example philosophy (φιλοσοφία, literally ‘love of truth’) or technology (from τεχνικός [technikós], derived in turn from τέχνη [téchne, meaning ‘art, craft’). Ancient Greek is a language with almost four thousand years of history behind it. It is written using an alphabet known as ‘Linear B’. This later gave rise to the Latin letters with which we write English today.

  • Modern Greek

    Modern Greek is the language spoken in Greece today. It is the mother tongue of around ten million people on the mainland, the many islands of the Greek archipelago and in the south of Cyprus. Towards the end of the Middle Ages, the region was conquered by the Turks. Many inhabitants clung to their language – the educated citizens used the difficult ‘learned’ version of the language, while the majority of the population spoke the simpler ‘vernacular’ variant (Demotic Greek). Only long after Greece had regained its independence was Demotic Greek finally able to prevail – in 1976, it became the country's official language. The language known as ‘Modern Greek’ today is comprised primarily of that vernacular language, but also contains aspects from Katharevousa (the conservative literary form) and even hints of Ancient Greek.

  • Koine

    Koine – also known as ‘Biblical Greek’ – was used as a lingua franca in the Eastern Mediterranean, Palestine and Egypt at the time of Alexander the Great. It is still relevant today, as the New Testament (the part of the Bible that is particularly important for Christians) was written in this language.

Outstanding client support with full-service solutions

Personal, client-specific advice is our top priority here at tolingo. The best way for us to produce optimal results for your Greek-language project, no matter how complex, is by maintaining personal contact and gaining a thorough understanding of your needs.

Especially for larger projects with many detailed aspects, an external translation company is particularly suitable as a project partner because of the potential savings in resources. This means you can benefit from an experienced contact person who will ensure reliable project management for you here at tolingo. Our full-service solutions make it possible to complete all your translations on time and without complications.

Would you like your Greek translation to benefit from our expertise?

Our expert colleagues are available to advise you on all aspects of your technical translation from or into Greek. We’d be happy to create a no-obligation quote for you free of charge, tailored to your project plans and additional requests.

You can reach us by phone or email from Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM. We look forward to hearing from you!

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