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The economies of Germany and Turkey are closely intertwined. More than 7,000 German companies are active in Turkey. In order to ensure secure, successful transactions between these two countries, flawless communication is key. As a translation partner that’s experienced in international business, we know exactly what is most essential for achieving this. tolingo provides professional support with translations of everything from websites to patents, in countless fields ranging from the automotive to the financial industry. We have the perfect specialist translator for every project. Our standards for Turkish/German translations are extremely strict to ensure consistently high quality. Our impressive services have been certified by the independent authority TÜV Süd. When you work with tolingo, you gain a partner you can count on and one of the world’s leading translation agencies.

Here’s why we’re the ideal translation agency for Turkish:

  • Professional Turkish translations for the international market.
  • Certified native-speaker specialist translators who offer industry-specific expertise.
  • Over ten years of experience in translating business documents.
  • Custom-tailored project implementation – reliable, fast, confidential.

Translations for a variety of content types

Yesterday, it was a brochure on your latest product, while today it’s new content for your social media channels and tomorrow it could be a qualified response to a message from your business partner in Turkey – tolingo can cover a wide range of needs when it comes to everyday business texts. Our specialist translators always take the time to research your field before beginning their work. In email correspondence, sales materials or technical translations, they’re always sure to strike the right tone for your company. We can create a glossary of your most-used terms to keep the language our translators use consistent across projects. This reduces the amount of time spent searching for the right turn of phrase. It also ensures that we always use the right terminology for the context. In other words, you’ll always ‘speak in the same voice’ – no matter what language it’s in. We make it a top priority to verify that our Turkish translators are experienced in linguistics as well as the relevant industry and highly competent in their field. This ensures consistent quality no matter the content type.

Take advantage of the benefits of our full-service programme

You’re an expert in your core of expertise – so let us handle your translation projects. Because Turkish/German translations are what we’re best at. We offer total project management, from translation to a full-service programme. Let us manage your most complex and extensive projects. Or commission us to take on a few individual tasks. These might include preparing texts for translation or prioritising your translation content in the context of other projects. Clients often opt for our complete or partial full-service offer when they don’t have the relevant competencies in-house or their current resources are overwhelmed by the workload. Our project management team lets you solve peak workload issues professionally without having to have too many staff on hand during slower periods. As a professional translation service provider, tolingo specialises in processing and transmitting texts and, of course, in translating a wide variety of content types. Choose us to be your reliable partner for high-quality translations. You’ll gain more time to focus on your core business.

The language combinations we offer as a translation service

As a translation agency for Turkish, tolingo offers the following language combinations:

  • German – Turkish
  • English – Turkish
  • French – Turkish
  • Italian – Turkish
  • Dutch – Turkish
  • Polish – Turkish
  • Spanish – Turkish
  • Turkish − German
  • Turkish – English
  • Turkish – French
  • Turkish – Dutch
  • Turkish – Polish
  • Turkish – Portuguese
  • Turkish – Spanish 

Depending on what language combination you need, we’ll assign your project to the perfect native speaker. This translator will be familiar with the native country and culture of the language to be translated into, as well as possess extensive and up-to-date expert knowledge in your field. The translator will thus be able to use the right style to address your target group and convey your message successfully.

Simply get in touch with us if you cannot find the language combination you require in our overview. tolingo works with a pool of more than 6,000 specialist translators who work in dozens of different languages. There’s no question that we’ll find the perfect person to work on your project.

Options tolingo offers

Every translation project needs an individualised solution
Over the course of the past year, our translation agency has successfully completed countless Turkish-language projects. We can credit our satisfied clients in a variety of industries in part to our detailed initial analysis process for projects. We can offer the right specialist translator for every content type – whether that means scientific translations, texts from the world of e-commerce or translations in the fields of culture, medicine or technology.

When we’re commissioned to work on a poster campaign for the energy industry, for example, we don’t just employ a certified technical expert in energy sciences, we also get a marketing expert with experience in the energy sector to review the project – when you work with tolingo, you can count on the fact that your specialist translation will communicate the exact same message found in the source text. In doing so, we always keep the language’s respective customs when it comes to communication in mind. The size and outstanding quality management at our translation agency help us ensure that your project will be implemented successfully.

Express translations for your project

We’re very familiar with the following scenario: A campaign needs to be launched as quickly as possible, or perhaps a sudden and unexpected business opportunity demands documentation. Or maybe internal deadlines and scheduling have simply shifted. Whatever the reason, it is in situations such as these that high-quality translations on short notice are of the essence. tolingo can offer this service for German/Turkish translations as well. This ensures that you receive a suitable translation that strikes the right tone – even within a very tight time frame. Our top-quality specialist translators work from various locations around the world, making overnight delivery possible. By the way, our express service is possible for certified translation of documents and not just for websites or brochures with rushed printing deadlines. tolingo is an expert resource not only for special tasks like certified translations but also for technical translations into or out of Turkish. Please contact us directly to coordinate an express translation.

Certified translations Turkish – German for legal security

Our translation agency for Turkish can help you find a suitable sworn translator. Hundreds of clients have already benefitted from this service over the course of the past decade. We can facilitate certified translations in Turkish/German for challenging documents such as:

  • Regulations and ordinances
  • Balance sheets to be used as evidence in court
  • Court documents

Thanks to our certified native-speaker specialist translators, your documents are always reliable, even in court and for the authorities. Our ISO-27001 certification from TÜV Süd confirms that your data is reliably protected from access by third parties when being processed by our translation agency. This internationally recognised certificate for data security requires systematic handling of data and constant protection in order to meet the standard. These important factors are part of what makes tolingo such an ideal partner when it comes to certified translations.

Put your texts in the best of hands

Our entire translation service spectrum is regularly reviewed to the highest standards and awarded the respective certifications. Here’s a summary of the most important points:

The following points will ensure that your business receives the best solution for its projects:

  • Certified specialist translation

    • tolingo maintains strict selection criteria for its translators and regularly reviews that their subject knowledge is up-to-date. And the quality of our specialist translators’ work is always checked by an additional round of proofreading.
  • Certified translation process – ISO 17100:2015 certification

    • We meet the quality standards for translation service providers, and we can prove it. That doesn’t mean, however, that we’re content to provide just the bare minimum. On the contrary, as an innovative translation service provider, we’re always working to improve what we offer – because we aim to impress.
  • Quality management – ISO 9001:2015 certification

    • Our quality management system, which has been awarded distinctions, guarantees you legal certainty, efficacy and efficiency. The techniques we use to provide quality assurance include glossaries and translation memories.
  • The very highest security standards – ISO 27001 certification

    • Our verified information security management system guarantees the security of your data throughout the entire translation process.

tolingo is a highly competent translation partner

Personal and professional consulting from tolingo

In addition to the highest level of quality, our translation agency prioritises transparency. When you work with us, you’ll always be able to check the price and status updates on your specialist German/Turkish translation. 

Just contact us and let one of our experts advise you on our comprehensive range of translation services. We would be happy to provide you with a non-binding quotation.

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tolingo team: Mayra

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