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The Netherlands is not just a well-liked neighbouring country and popular travel destination for Germans, but it is also the second-biggest trading partner with Germany. The two countries maintain a lively exchange – not only of goods and services but also of communications and information. We act as a partner in many of our clients’ international business processes, so we know just how essential high-quality, precise translations truly are when it comes to keeping everything running smoothly in this area. And that’s why we offer sophisticated translations from Dutch to German, as well as between Dutch and many other languages. We only employ native-speaker specialist translators who are familiar with your target group. Our translation agency will produce translations into or out of Dutch that are guaranteed to help you achieve success. See for yourself by finding out more about our certified, rigorous translation quality standards.

Four good reasons to choose tolingo as your translation agency

  • We only use specialist translators with extensive knowledge of the industry.
  • Our project turnaround time is very quick – we even offer overnight translations.
  • We provide a wide range of additional services for larger projects.
  • We offer Standard Dutch for ease of comprehension across local dialects.

The benefits you gain from working with certified translators for Dutch

tolingo is one of the world’s leading translation agencies, a fact that is particularly true where quality is concerned. The foundation for this is our pool of native-speaker specialist translators. When deciding which translators will work on your projects, we carefully consider every aspect. Our translators are required to be state-certified and must have many years of practical experience in at least one industry such as mechanical engineering, technology or medicine. Advanced professional training is our way of ensuring that our experttranslators are always up-to-date on the latest developments in their area of specialisation.

  • Fast, reliable translations

    • Our translators work from many different locations and time zones around the world, which means that we are able to process your texts promptly. Our global network allows us to offer services outside of normal working hours and during public holidays. If you need a presentation finished overnight or find yourself requiring a text to be translated especially quickly, then our additional express service for super-fast translations is the perfect choice for you. Feel free to contact us if you have a very short deadline for the translation of any of your texts. We’ll find the right translator and quotation for you.
  • Certified translations for Dutch from experts

    • Certified translations can be necessary for situations other than individual documents like birth or marriage certificates. Businesses are also often in need of certified translations, such as the papers accompanying goods to be imported or exported. For over ten years now, tolingo has been assisting its clients by providing native-speaker specialist translators who have been state-certified. You will receive legally watertight specialist translations with a level of accuracy you can depend on. And our services extend to more than just certified translations from Dutch to German – we also offer many other language combinations.
  • Transparent translation processes

    • All of our processes are structured in a transparent way, meaning that you’ll be kept up-to-date on the status of your translation at all times. Our ISO 17100 quality certificate for translation services guarantees that the translations you receive from our agency are always reviewed by experts and of very high quality. And you can also count on the fact that we are constantly improving our qualifications and services. What’s more, you can be sure that your data is protected at all times – and that goes for both certified and standard translations alike. All of our translators have signed general non-disclosure agreements regarding your data. We would be happy to also issue you with a special non-disclosure agreement for your project upon request. 
  • A wide range of industries

    • No matter what your business relationships are like with countries in which Dutch is spoken, we’ll find the perfect expert native-speaker to translate for you. That goes for everything from tourism to logistics or consumer goods. One particular priority for us is to ensure that the specialist translators who work on your projects can prove their wide-ranging experience in the relevant industry. After all, the way language is used in the context of beauty (for example) is vastly different from that of building construction. Our native-speaker translators are fluent in the respective industry’s jargon and terminology. Their practical experience means they have a keen sense of how best to communicate with the relevant target groups. This is essential because, ultimately, young fashion-conscious Dutch women need to be addressed differently than Belgian craftspeople, for example.
  • Translating different types of content at a professional level

    • Do you need texts for online content, printed brochures or contract documentation? Is your content personal in nature, or is it intended for a wider audience – or perhaps it only needs to be understood by a small group of industry experts? It is questions such as these that guide us when choosing the right translator for you from our large network. This is how we are able to offer highly competent services for any and all content types. From sensitive email communication with a contractual partner abroad to online social media posts in the most common language in that country, we offer a huge range of different types of texts. That’s what makes tolingo such a valuable contact for any translation issues and projects on a larger scale.

The Dutch language combinations we offer

Holland is often equated with the Netherlands. Yet Holland is in fact just part of the Netherlands, and the language spoken there is a dialect. Our translation agency for Dutch works in Standard Dutch, meaning your texts can be easily understood in any country where Dutch is the official language, from Belgium to Suriname. 

tolingo currently offers the following translation combinations for Dutch:


and in the other direction as well for each of these language combinations. 

If the two-language combination you’re looking for can’t be found here, then just contact our translation agency for Dutch. tolingo employs more than 6,000 highly competent translators around the world and is continually expanding its network further. We’ll be able to find the right Dutch translator for your project with the essential in-depth knowledge of the language and area of specialisation, whether that means legal, medical, cultural or scientific translations. 

  • Translation you can count on, even for complex projects

    • Are you launching an online presence in a totally new market? Or do you perhaps need a series of operating manuals and specific technical documents in order to deliver a newly designed machine to a customer abroad? Maybe you need to generate Dutch-language sales materials for a whole family of products? No matter how extensive or complex your project, we offer more than just our huge pool of qualified translators. We can also provide you with services such as project coordination, data preparation, electronic text transmission and support for the publication of translations.
  • Technical tools used appropriately

    • When translating your content, we employ technical tools when it’s useful to do so. This accelerates the speed at which we can provide your texts in the desired language. And aids such as translation memories can also help keep the terminology you prefer consistent across content types and translators. When formulating your company’s mission statement or information on the benefits of your product, consistency is often key to ensuring recognition value for your clients. A ‘language database’ is very helpful for achieving this. We’re also happy to utilise the benefits of machine translation in justified situations. For large quantities of data or texts with a great deal of repeated phrases, computers can quickly generate a basic translation that is then carefully edited by highly competent specialist (human) translators. We always check with our clients before using the relevant assisting technology and, in the case of machine translation, for example, guarantee impeccable quality for the results. 

Outstanding quality, security and speed with our translation agency for Dutch

Our translation agency represents the very highest in quality. Find out why here:

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When it comes to the price, quality and delivery times for translations between Dutch and German (as well as other language combinations), your company can benefit from our wide range of resources.

Simply contact our translation agency staff and let them tell you about our high-quality translation services, either in person or over the phone. Our account managers would be happy to provide you with a no-obligation quotation.

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