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The Chinese market is a rewarding investment opportunity for any company – and also an enormous sales area for products and services. In order to ensure a professional standard for communications and the most effective presentation of your own content, you need precise specialist translations into Chinese. With tolingo’s translation services, you can count on an experienced partner working with outstanding translators who perfectly suit the specific requirements of your translation project with regard to subject matter and language.

The benefits to you when you choose our translation agency for Chinese

  • Exclusively native-speaker specialist translators for Chinese.
  • Certified translators with expertise in the relevant field.
  • Custom solutions tailored to your company.
  • Lots of language combinations at our translation agency for Chinese.
  • Short project turnaround times and the option of having express orders completed in no time at all.

Here at tolingo, we also make sure our prices are fair, and we’re always working to provide affordable processes at the highest level of quality. That’s why we use a translation memory and glossary for every project – you should expect nothing less from one of the world’s leading language service providers. These tools lower costs and help us deliver a consistent, homogenous writing style. This is a benefit to your own company and your customers alike.

Language combinations for Chinese at our translation agency

As traditional Chinese is a highly vibrant, figurative language, we work exclusively with genuine native speakers. In addition to this requirement for all tolingo’s Chinese translators, it goes without saying that they also possess excellent skills in the source language and deep specialist knowledge of their respective field.

We currently offer the following language combinations at our translation agency for Chinese:

  • German – Chinese (simplified)
  • Chinese (simplified) – German
  • English – Chinese (simplified)
  • Chinese (simplified) – English
  • French – Chinese (simplified)

Feel free to contact us if the language combination you require is not listed here. We will find the right solution for your project.

The wide variety of subject areas and content types

In order to translate a given source text flawlessly, a translator needs both founded knowledge in the subject and outstanding linguistic skills. This is why all of tolingo’s Chinese translators work only in their own fields of expertise. This prevents vagueness in the translation, which can otherwise present problems such as insufficient results.

Our experienced, native-speaker translators for Chinese have either professional experience or a degree in their industry of expertise, allowing them to deliver flawless, high-quality specialist translations for texts of all kinds. From user manuals and online support to policies, sales and advertising materials for the booming automotive industry, from the e-commerce, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries to the fields of finance, medicine and law, tolingo will assign the perfect specialist translator for Chinese for your translation needs.

Certified translations for Chinese

Especially where transnational trade relationships are concerned, the early stages of a business partnership require many certified translations – and often within very tight timeframes. Here at tolingo, we provide certified translations for Chinese that are officially authenticated by native-speaker translators. This means you’re always on the safe side when it comes to deeds, entries in commercial registers, contracts and similar documents – because a certified translation is valid in a court of law.

Thanks to our transparent processes and many years of experience, at tolingo, you can order certified translations for Chinese without needing to worry about complications.

Your content is in safe hands

Do you want to work with tolingo for your specialist translations for Chinese – or do you have other questions? Then simply contact our qualified staff and let them advise you. We’d love to send you a non-binding quotation tailored to your specific requirements.

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