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Travel and tourism

A global language guide for your translations in the tourist industry

With more than 100 million workers globally, tourism is one of the biggest economic sectors in the world. Perfect translations are crucial for advertising destinations, accommodation, flights and tourist attractions in an international context and for providing information to tourists who speak different languages. tolingo provides outstanding translation services for this industry. The information is translated to convey the original tone and mood while inspiring the reader to take the holiday – without losing any of its accuracy in terms of its content. tolingo’s regular translation services are supplemented by special corporate solutions that make collaboration even easier and that lower the costs over the long-term.

Why tolingo is the perfect partner for travel and tourism translations

  • tolingo knows the challenges the travel industry faces
  • From hotel information and marketing materials to travel guides – tolingo can produce an accurate, appropriate translation for any type of content or destination
  • Our travel industry translators are qualified, highly experienced native speakers
  • tolingo gets your readers in the mood to travel – in 220 language combinations
  • Certified translation quality and processes with personalised customer service – that’s what you’ll get at tolingo
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Industry-specific challenges: Conveying emotions

Travelling, going on holiday, exploring foreign countries – all of these things always involve emotions. Marketing products from the tourism industry sell themselves through the feelings, expectations and vibe conveyed by the text. This applies just as much to hotel information as to destination travelogues or advertising for airlines. A purely word-for-word translation may certainly reproduce the content accurately, but is not so certain to convince the reader to book a trip. 

Thanks to their linguistic and industry expertise, specialist translators at tolingo give their translations exactly the right tone, resulting in an appealing text in the target language. Good translations don’t just convince readers through captivating wording. The crucial factor is, rather, professionalism – for example, documents for exhibition or international trade fairs that are translated perfectly and appropriately for the target readership. By their nature, professional specialist translations play a large part in the success of an event, a hotel description, an advert or a website.


  • What kinds of texts are typically translated for the travel and tourism industry?

    In addition to travel agencies and their online portals, our clients in the travel and tourism industry include companies or individuals offering holiday accommodations, airlines and cruise lines, and national or regional tourist offices. Some of the typical types of content our translation agency handles are:

    • User instructions for amusement rides at leisure parks
    • Fire-safety and escape route information for hotels
    • Hotel information and descriptions
    • Vaccination cards and medical reports
    • Complete websites that focus on new markets
    • Marketing documents for tourism campaigns
    • Trade fair and exhibition guides
    • Press releases
    • Travelogues
    • Travel brochures
    • Travel guides
    • Travel catalogues
    • Travel literature
    • Travel reports for newspapers and magazines
    • Menus
    • Town maps and tourist information

    Do you have a translation project in a different area? Then feel free to contact us directly!

  • Our translators for travel and tourism

    All of our approximately 6,000 specialist translators have excellent intercultural skills as well as either academic training in the industry or many years of practical experience. In addition to their qualified linguistic skills and the proper tone for the target language, they also have the relevant background knowledge, which takes in the regulations, laws and provisions governing the different types of text in the target country. By using the correct terminology that is common within the industry, our tourism translations also leave the professional and appealing impression that wins over both travellers and travel companies alike. When tolingo translates your texts, you benefit too from an independent proofreading by another qualified native speaker.

  • tolingo will translate your text for the world

    tolingo can complete your translation projects in 220 language combinations. Most of our tourist translations are for German to English or German to French. However, there is currently also great demand for English to French, Portuguese and Spanish. If you can’t find your desired target language in our overview, you’re welcome to contact us directly.

tolingo provides tourism translations you can trust

tolingo’s certified working methodology is compliant with both ISO 17100 and ISO 9001:2015 and guarantees you top-quality translations and individualised customer service.

You enjoy the following benefits:

  • tolingo’s desktop publishing ensures that your translated travel documents, articles or marketing documents are perfectly laid out.
  • Of course, your data is also secure at tolingo: We are happy to provide a non-disclosure agreement or sign your company-specific confidentiality agreement.
  • The automated translation process that brings together translator and text, and the proofreader as well, facilitates quick, problem-free translation.
  • Translation memories, style guides and glossaries guarantee consistent terminology across all your translations. Reusing previously translated passages can also, depending on the length of the text, lead to a considerable reduction in cost.
  • Despite these standardised processes, the same project manager is always on hand to give you personalised advice and support.

Transparent prices, efficiency and fast turnaround times complement the special technical solutions that our translation agency has developed over the company’s ten-year history for its clients in the travel and tourism industry. If you have any questions about our translation services, feel free to contact us directly.

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