A woman looks at the Danube and the Parliament building in Budapest – Hungarian translation servicesA woman looks at the Danube and the Parliament building in Budapest – Hungarian translation services

Hungarian translation services – tolingo is your professional partner

tolingo’s high-quality and professional Hungarian translations enable you to communicate effectively with your target markets and pave the way to success. Regardless of whether it concerns legal translations, specialised translations for the automotive industry or appealing marketing material for tourism, our wealth of experience and outstanding Hungarian translation services we offer means we can successfully take on projects of any scale or scope for our clients. tolingo is a leading translation services provider in Germany you can rely on!


Five good reasons why tolingo is your perfect Hungarian translation agency

  • Qualified native speakers handle your documents
  • Individual support thanks to our full-service packages
  • User-friendly and direct online orders via the web shop
  • Certified translation quality in accordance with ISO 17100
  • Strict quality management in accordance with ISO 9001 and guaranteed IT security standards in line with ISO 27001


We rely on the highest professionalism and expertise to complete your translation project to your full satisfaction. You can find our comprehensive range at a glance here.

Future-oriented industries and an important trade partner

Not many people are aware of how significant the Hungarian market is for the German economy: the billions in imports and exports puts the country in 13th place among German trading partners. This is where major German car manufacturers, who produce in Hungary, play a particularly important role. The export of cars and car parts as well as machines and electronics collectively make up around half of total export revenues and around a third of the population work in the industry. It is, among other things, these good trade relations – especially with Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, which are the main German sales markets for Hungarian exports and make up 60% of sales – that has led Hungary to record a steady increase in GDP over the past ten years.

Tourism also plays a key role in the economy: historic Budapest and the picturesque Lake Balaton have always been highly popular tourist destinations. However, Europe’s largest plain – the puszta – a world heritage site, also draws in visitors from abroad, who are just as enthralled by this unique landscape as they are by the culture (like the Csikós – the traditional horsemen – who dominate the work of art entitled ‘Hungarian Post’: standing on the back of the last two of five galloping horses). In view of such special particularities as well as its around 350 thermal baths and the unique Hungarian cuisine, with dishes such as the popular goulash soup (gulyás) or chicken paprikash (paprikás csirke), it’s no wonder that each year sees more tourists heading to Hungary.

  • Specialist Hungarian translations for all sectors

    Of course, every sector has its own peculiarities: terminology, complex specialist references or a special style that is popular with the target audience. To be able to communicate effectively in the target language, it is important to consider all of these aspects in a professional translation. This is exactly why we offer specialised translations with industry-specific terminology:

    Thanks to a pool of more than 6,000 specialist translators, tolingo translation services is always able to translate all types of content into the target language required. Not only do we offer our clients specialised translations into Hungarian, we are also able to offer more than 220 different language combinations – and all done by highly qualified native speaker translators!

    This means you can always benefit from experienced contact persons who will ensure reliable project management for you here at tolingo. Our full-service solutions make it possible to complete all your translations on time and without complications (including certified translations) – we would be happy to go into more detail about our quotation in a personal consultation with you!

  • Our languages for the whole world

    Our translators are experts in over 50 languages and offer over 220 language combinations altogether. This means we can cover everything from in-demand combinations, such as German – English to Spanish – French right through to Czech – Slovakian and Russian – Ukrainian as well as Hungarian translations, of course – tolingo translation services remove the language barriers for you so they no longer need to stand in your way. tolingo handles the following languages:

    With our comprehensive pool of specialist translators, we can cover virtually any specialist area – whether you need a legal or technical translation, a certified translation by sworn translators or you need it to be handled extra fast as an express translation – tolingo will always have the right solution for you! Our colleagues will be happy to create a free and non-binding quotation for you.

  • You can rely on our quality and security

    Our triple ISO certification for quality management, translation quality and information security makes tolingo a pioneer in the translation industry.

    • TÜV certification in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard confirms our excellent quality management, which always focuses both on our clients and on the pursuit of continuous improvement.

    • The high quality of our translations is documented by the independent certification body LinquaCert in accordance with ISO 17001.

    • And when it comes to data security, you’re in good hands with tolingo – we also have ISO 27001 certification from TÜV Süd.

    We have our processes and systems regularly reviewed by external auditors so that our clients can be sure that tolingo is truly an ideal partner in terms of quality, reliability and security. Find out more information about tolingo’s certifications here.

    At tolingo, every Hungarian translation is carried out by a technically skilled native speaker. This is how we ensure that all of our translations always meet the highest quality standards.

Why is translation into or from Hungarian best left to native speakers?

The outstanding quality of our Hungarian translation services is largely based on the fact that tolingo works only with native speaker translations. In order to be able to produce a precise, technically correct translation, you not only require excellent knowledge of the specialist language and terminology, but you also you need practical knowledge on the respective topic area as well as real knowledge of the customs of the country. At tolingo, your content will therefore only be handled by professional translators who can prove they have years of practical experience in your respective field.

The subtleties of a Hungarian translation

The best way to explain why they are so important is to use an example: in Hungarian, there is an almost limitless number of greetings and forms of address. Some are legacies from the time of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy and are used for (older) women, others are used by children for adults, still others serve as a form of address by men to women they don’t know personally and young people also use their own really special colloquialisms.

These subtle cultural aspects are what make the difference in translation: it goes without saying that native speakers would understand each of these terms. But it would also be immediately clear if the text was translated by someone unfamiliar with the cultural customs of the country. At best, it would appear amusing, at worst offensive, but one way or another, it would not leave a good impression with your clients. To avoid such blunders, we recommend working with a professional translation agency like tolingo: Whatever content you want to have translated – our professional specialist translators will always strike the right note with each project!

  • The Hungarian language – an island in Europe

    Hungarian is a unique language island within Europe because it is completely different to the languages spoken by its neighbouring countries. It originated over 7,000 years ago from the so-called ‘Proto-Uralic’ and belongs to the Ugric branch of the Finno-Ugric languages within the Uralic language family. Although they belong to the same language family, Hungarian and Finnish are so different that speakers of these languages are not even able to improvise to be able to understand each other. Hungarian is spoken by around 13.5 million people. Aside from a few large Hungarian minorities in Romania and Slovakia, however, you’ll rarely find this language outside of its country of origin. Thus, the official language of Hungary, which has been one of the official languages of the European Union since 1 May 2004, is something really rather special.

  • 40 or is it actually 44? A language with its particular idiosyncrasies

    Unlike in German, for example, the letters Ö, Ő, Ü and Ű as well as the digraphs (a combination of two letters, which stand for one phoneme, one syllable or one morpheme; s, dz, gy, ly, ny, sz, ty, zs) and the trigraph (a combination of three letters, which stand for one phoneme; dzs) each count as one letter in their own right.

    The Hungarian alphabet also distinguishes between upper and lower case: the four letters Q, W, X, Y are only used in foreign words and in historical spellings (of family names, for example). Opinions differ as to whether they should be added to the total or not. Thus, the number of letters are sometimes given as 44 and sometimes as 40.

  • Long words with lots of meaning

    Anyone who has holidayed in Hungary might well have been amazed by the impressively long words on signs and similar places. The reason for this is not a local preference for complexity, but the fact that Hungarian (just like Turkish) is a so-called ‘agglutinative’ language. Put simply, this term means that the words always get longer the more information they contain. The best way to illustrate this is with an example:

    ház = house

    házam = my house

    házaim = my houses

    házaimban = in my houses

    In the case of special projects, elaborately formatted brochures or Hungarian texts within a set layout, this peculiarity must be taken into account so that the translation can be put into Hungarian just as elegantly as the original. Upon request, our experienced specialist translators can therefore implement style or character specifications to meet your specific requirements!

Certified translations for Hungarian

Do you need certified translations of important documents, such as a birth certificate or a driving licence, for your next visit to the authorities? Not a problem! At our Hungarian translation agency, you can, of course, request certified translations of your documents carried out by a sworn translator. You can be sure that your documents and certificates will be protected throughout the whole handling process against disclosure to a third party.

Firstly, all our specialist translators have signed a declaration for the confidential handling of data and content. Secondly, the IT systems and platforms of our translation agency are reviewed and certified in accordance with ISO/IEC 27001 and all information is only transferred using SSL encryption. Thus, at tolingo, you can be sure that your confidential content will always be in safe hands!

tolingo translation services – your professional Hungarian translators

Would you like your Hungarian translation to benefit from our expertise or do you have any more questions? When it comes to prices, quality and delivery dates for Hungarian – German translations, as well as those in the many other language combinations, you too can benefit from our wide range of resources. Our experienced project managers will be happy to put together a free, non-binding quotation that takes into account all your requirements.

You can reach us by phone or email from Monday to Friday between 8.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. We look forward to hearing from you!

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