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Translation services
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Effective translations from Hamburg – professional & certified

Our translations open the door to successful communication all over the world. From our Hamburg translation agency, we coordinate translation projects in all world languages. Our specialist translators have many years of experience and industry-specific expertise. If you request it, we can work hand in hand with our highly specialised artificial intelligence to produce translations that really make an impact in every language.

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More than 110,000
satisfied clients

Be part of our success story! Over 110,000 satisfied customers already place their trust in tolingo. When it comes to excellent translations, we are your first choice.

Why us: Next level translation.




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Maximum safety

You receive your top-quality translations quickly and we keep your data secure. The services and processes at tolingo have quadruple certification: for translation services (ISO 17100), for post-editing of machine translations (ISO 18587), for our quality management (ISO 9001) and for our information security (ISO/IEC 27001).

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Best quality 

An excellent translation is error-free and makes an impact in your target groups. Our native-speaker specialist translators work accurately and with an eye for detail. Our artificial intelligence (AI) is highly specialised and produces flawless translations within seconds. Both work in tandem to ensure you get high-quality results – in every language combination.

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(Super) fast service

As a rule, you can expect to get a high-quality translation from us within just a few days – depending on the length of the text. We can do this thanks to more than 6,000 translators in all time zones. With our Express and Super Express options for particularly urgent cases we give high priority to your order and deliver even faster – without losing precision or quality.

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Hamburg-based translation service
For precise & effective translations

Engaging marketing texts, detailed construction manuals, legal papers, specialist medical articles or stimulating web content – we produce translations that resonate with your international readers. Our aim is for your texts to make an impact in every language. For this to happen, we rely on quality, precision and care. Our native-speaker translators have many years of translation experience and proven expertise in the right specialist area. Our specialised artificial intelligence (AI) works with high precision and is always at the cutting edge of technology. Combining the specialist translation with the machine translation results in top-quality, authentic and effective translations.


For every job, our team at the Hamburg-based translation agency chooses the most suitable solution for your content:

With our AI bundle, specialised artificial intelligence translates your texts, a specialist translator then checks it and makes improvements where necessary. Our Smart bundle – the most popular of our translation solutions – combines the advantages of a human with those of a machine: AI takes on the parts where it adds value whilst a specialist translator works on the more complex sections. The Premium solution comprises a professional specialist translation including editing by a second specialist translator, i.e. 4-eyes plus.  

All done.
With our add-on services

A (larger) project seldom stops with the translation. It is followed by rounds of feedback and correction, reformatting and adaptations in line with your own corporate identity. We take these time-intensive tasks off your hands and deliver a translation that has been fully prepared so that you can use it straight away. 










If it's (super) urgent, we'll turbo-charge on request, prioritize your order and deliver the translation extra quickly - without any loss of quality.
A second translator takes a close look at the translation. Where necessary, the text is adapted technically, linguistically and stylistically.
We make it official: Our sworn translators provide you with a certified translation for all documents - with stamp and signature.
If you want the translation to look good, too: Our graphics experts format the translated text exactly as in the original document.
We create a glossary with your translation modules. This way, you always communicate in a consistent manner and increase your recognition value.
Your translations are stored in a database and used in future commissions. This increases consistency and saves you time and money.


Choosing the right translator can make a difference, especially when it comes to specialized fields. As a reputable translation agency, we engage experts proficient not only in the language but also in the technical terminology.

And here is a selection of the fields in which our translators are particularly skilled:

  • Art & culture
  • Automotive
  • Banking & Finance
  • E-Commerce & Trade
  • Marketing & PR
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Medicine & Pharmaceuticals
  • Legal
  • Science
  • Technology
  • Travel & Tourism



tolingo works with native speakers from throughout the world. We translate more than 220 language combinations. In other words: No matter what languages you are looking for, we can help.

You can find all of our language combinations in our language overview.

Two colleagues discussing their translation agency in Hamburg

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Goncalo Silva
Key Account Manager
0049 800 55 133 00

Hamburg as your starting point, the world as your target? Let me advise you! My goal: Your texts should be perfectly translated – in any language.

Goncalo Silva Key Account Manager

Goncalo Silva
Key Account Manager
0049 800 55 133 00

Excellent quality and maximum efficiency
With quadruple ISO certification

tolingo is one of just a few translation agencies (not just in Hamburg but worldwide!), to have been ISO-certified four times: for our translation services (ISO 17100), for post-editing of machine translations (ISO 18587), for our quality management (ISO 9001) and for our information security (ISO/IEC 27001). We set extra high-quality standards for every translation – and achieve them too. We advise you on an individual basis so that your project can be a success.

Your full-service translation agency in Hamburg
Customised solutions for your translation project

Translation projects are always unique. The larger the volume of text and the more complex the content, the more specific the requirements that the translation must fulfil. For specialist content (such as medical translations), knowledge and experience of our professional translators is particularly valuable and means you can be assured of high-quality translations. For large volumes of text (such as with legal translations of contracts), a translation created by artificial intelligence can hold key (time) advantages. In most cases, we selectively use both methods – depending on which offers the greatest added value.

Your translation agency in Hamburg –
Excellent, individual & efficient

With more than 15 years of experience here at tolingo, we support large companies, SMEs and private clients – not just in Hamburg and Germany but throughout the whole world. Together with our more than 6,000 native-speaker translators, we work at our headquarters in Hamburg to ensure that our clients’ texts and messages reach their recipients in every language and make an impact everywhere.

Our translation agency in Hamburg handles all enquiries, advises on the best translation solutions and add-on services, and coordinates the selection of the perfect translators for each project. As a well-coordinated team, we process every job reliably – no matter how big or small it is, how complex or simple – and deliver your translations to you on time. Our processes are designed for efficiency and our service has been certified multiple times.

If you need a high-quality translation for you or your company, just contact us, your Hamburg-based tolingo translation service. We’re happy to help you.