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If you speak the local dialect in Cologne (known as ‘Kölner Platt’), you’ll already be one step ahead of the competition. Either you could start brushing up on Cologne sayings such as ‘Wat e Wedder widder, wat!’ (‘What weather we’re having today!’) – or you could just get in touch with a partner who knows the region inside and out: tolingo, a translation agency for Cologne that you can count on. And we can help you with so much more than just translations into the Cologne dialect Kölsch: we offer 220 combinations of a wide variety of world languages. Thanks to our ISO-certified quality assurance system, short turnaround time and simple ordering processes, tolingo is a one-stop shop for all your translation needs.

At a glance:

The best option when it comes to translation agencies in Cologne

Our processes are tailored to the needs of our clients down to the tiniest detail – this is what enables us to deliver the best possible results for every translation service we provide. When you work with tolingo, you can expect nothing but excellence, security and speed:

  • We exclusively employ certified specialist translators to work on your translation projects
  • Our translators are native speakers in their respective language with years of professional experience
  • Our translation agency utilises customer-oriented, certified and strictly monitored processes in accordance with ISO 17100 and ISO 9001
  • Data security and discretion are our top priorities. Our ISO-27001 certification confirms that we follow the strictest possible IT security standards

Our extensive pool of translators enables us to offer standard delivery times as well as express translations.

A pioneer among translation agencies: ISO-certified quality and security

tolingo is the first translation agency to have it confirmed in black and white: The processes at our Cologne translation agency are secure and TÜV-certified. At tolingo, quality and security are also a matter of course:

  • Translation competence (ISO 17100) thanks to experienced translators and professional project management for our clients
  • Quality management (ISO 9001) in everything we do: Our focus on the customer, continuous improvement, relevant education and training and adherence to proven and documented processes
  • IT security (ISO 27001) thanks to secure data transmission, documented and confidential information handling and strict compliance with the GDPR

Solutions for any challenge

With us – your Cologne translation agency – as a professional partner for translations, you can make what your company offers more international in every respect. Our project management offers you the perfect top-to-bottom solutions from an experienced translation agency. These include localisation and full-service packages as well as machine translation, certified translation, style guide creation, file engineering and other services that will make a small but significant difference for your individual project.

  • Using localisation to translate content individually

    Go one step further in broadcasting your content to an international audience – with localisation, texts are adapted to the region and to specific target groups.

    As the fourth-largest city in Germany, Cologne has its own historically based dialect, as do many other regions in the world. Readers identify much more strongly with content when it is linked to a well-known local tradition – such as a visit to the hay market on Wieverfastelovend (Women's Carnival) or the carnival procession on Rusemondaach (Rose Monday) – and evokes associations of home.

    Here at the translation agency tolingo, localisation is part of our standard range of value-adding services.

  • Save resources with full-service solutions

    For larger projects with many translation tasks, an external translation agency is particularly suitable as a project partner because of the potential savings in resources. tolingo’s competent project managers can take the reins if you lack the internal resources for these services or prefer to concentrate on your core business. This means you can benefit from an experienced contact person who will ensure reliable project management for you. Our full-service solution therefore helps you complete your projects on time, every time – without any additional personnel costs.

  • Individualised customer service at this Cologne translation agency

    Personal, client-specific advice is our top priority here at tolingo. The best way for us to fulfil your requests is by maintaining personal contact and gaining a thorough understanding of your needs. To ensure that you always receive the right solution for your needs and pay a fair price, we’ll maintain close contact with you throughout the process.

Translation agency for Cologne: Get in touch with us!

Cologne may be your hometown, but your goal is to take over the world? Then tolingo is the ideal partner, as your translation agency in Cologne. When you work with us, you’ll benefit from:

  • Professional specialised translations
  • By native speakers who have cultural familiarity with the country of the target language
  • With the right services
  • At a fair price

Ask for a non-binding quotation today: Just contact us and let us advise you with regard to your requirements and wishes. We look forward to hearing from you!

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tolingo team: René

René Beckert

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Tel.: +49 800 711 166 62

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