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tolingo is an international translation agency with roots in Germany that works for you. That’s why it goes without saying that we are also available to serve clients in the capital city of Berlin. We assist German and international companies with professional specialist translations.

Our extensive network of translators, who are highly competent in their respective areas of expertise and languages, are able to deliver sophisticated translations in over 220 language combinations. We also offer certified translations as well as urgent, technical or legal translations, as well as many other areas. We’re sure to find the best specialist translator for the project in question.

Translation agency for top-quality specialist translations around the world

Here at tolingo, we’ve established a range of professional translation services that provide clients with support according to their preferences when translating texts, documents, websites and much more. No matter whether your headquarters are in Berlin, Dubai or New York – we have the effective communication channels to ensure a crystal-clear division of responsibilities for your translation project from start to finish.

This is what enables us to provide our range of technically and linguistically flawless translations internationally. Since 2007, we’ve been working with a network of over 6,000 qualified translators. Our clients value our flexibility when it comes to taking on projects, as well as our translators’ high level of competence in their various industries and fields. Delivering correct, effective translations is our top priority. After all, the language of the target country is the key to your business success abroad.

Extensive experience with translation tasks of various shapes and sizes

Over the years, tolingo has consistently grown to meet its challenges. It all started in 2007 as a simple business idea in a 12-square-metre office in Hamburg’s Schanzenviertel district – and now we’re a major player on the global translation market. From our headquarters in Hamburg, we’ve expanded to be able to provide services to clients of all sizes, from internationally oriented firms to global corporations. About 70 permanent employees ensure that all translation tasks are optimally distributed and executed via our pool of freelancers.

Our employees coordinate and oversee larger-scale translation projects while keeping an eye on the bigger picture. Our permanent staff is also the driving force behind our ISO certifications in translation services (ISO 17100), quality management (ISO 9001) and data security (ISO 27001). This enables us to guarantee you the best quality to meet high standards – as your translation agency for Berlin.

  • What can a professional translation service do for you that the Internet can’t?

    Free translation tools are easy to find online and do undoubtedly offer quick assistance for everyday questions. But they aren’t capable of translating larger quantities of text properly or precisely. The databases behind the algorithms on which these online tools are based can be very extensive. But they generally aren’t any good at connecting sentences in a logical, natural way that flows. Native-speaker specialist translators, on the other hand, produce texts that are phrased naturally and sound correct to native-speaker readers. They are also able to optimise websites for search engines, for example. To do this, they add the appropriate keywords to the content in a readable way.

    What’s more, professional translators can easily understand the context for ambiguous terms and thus situate them within the relevant subject area. In addition to their advanced educations in translation, tolingo’s specialist translators also bring with them many years of experience and knowledge in specialised areas like medicine, law, technology or business. That’s why you can count on a professional translation agency like tolingo to handle your texts with care and deliver a finished product that appeals to your target group.

  • Translation agency for all industries and text-types

    Here at tolingo, we have plenty of experience in translating a wide variety of text types. Here are just a few of the types of content we translate into numerous languages:

    • Instruction manuals
    • Annual reports
    • Marketing and advertising materials
    • Press releases
    • Product descriptions
    • Certificates and deeds
    • Contracts
    • Websites

    We always review the text’s intended purpose and context, whether that means advertising, academia, law or even search engine optimisation (SEO). Requirements tend to vary by industry, and in different areas outside of Berlin as well. That’s why our translators only take on projects for which they have the necessary expertise in the subject in addition to their linguistic knowledge. Here are a few fields in which we have a particularly notable level of expertise:

  • Maximum data security with ISO 27001 certification

    Here at tolingo, we’re well aware how important the data our clients entrust to us is – we know that sometimes, it can even be critical for the survival of their business. That’s why it pretty much goes without saying that we are extremely conscientious in our approach. Our IT systems are designed to store, use and distribute data with great care. All of our employees and freelancers have signed a written confidentiality agreement. This has been confirmed by TÜV SÜD with its certification according to the ISO 27001 standard (on data security). For you, this is also a guarantee that you don’t need to have any concerns about collaborating with us.

    In addition, we also have the relevant ISO 17100 (translation services) and ISO 9001 (quality management) certifications. You can rest assured that tolingo always strives to improve its processes even further, focuses on customer requirements and offers its employees and freelance translators opportunities for relevant training. This is how we ensure a consistently high level of quality for our translations, one which we can also guarantee for the future.

Our core area of expertise is translation services – which lets you focus on other value-adding activities. At some companies, coordinating and completing translation tasks is not within the scope of in-house competence. At others, translation resources are only occasionally required. In both cases, it makes sense to select a full-service provider who can carry out the necessary activities independently. This is why tolingo offers its Full Service package. This special offer includes the following services (among others):

If you’d like to take advantage of our Full Service deal, then you’ll have a permanent point of contact with us. This person will keep you informed on the status of your project at all times and make sure that everything is completed within the deadlines you set.

Personalised customer service

Numerous companies of various sizes and from different industries use tolingo as their professional translation agency in Berlin. We provide our clients with expert advice that focuses on the common goal. Working together, we’ll find areas of potential savings and points at which processes can be optimised. Your personal customer consultant will familiarise themselves with what’s most important to you and remain a consistent contact partner throughout the project.

This helps us to avoid having to ask you to repeat explanations of context or specific requests from your company. You can call your contact at tolingo at any time, or even visit our translation agency in person. We can also come to you – no matter whether you’re based in Berlin, Frankfurt or Leipzig. Getting to know each other in person can help us get on the same page about your project and simplify future arrangements. We also recommend utilising telephone and video conference services.

Translation service for Berlin: Quality, efficiency and personalised consultation

Berlin is one of the most important hubs of the German and European economy. Linguistic competence and technical translations in many different languages are therefore essential for doing business in and around this capital city. Our experienced translation agency for Berlin is equipped to handle your international documents, texts, certificates, websites and much more.

We offer professional translations in more than 220 language combinations. We are also happy to take on the entire project management for complex translation tasks. For us, this also includes the technical processing of files, entering them into your content management or other systems. When you work with tolingo, you save valuable in-house resources while benefiting from our highly competent consulting and support services.

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