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Precise specialist translations – from Frankfurt, for the world.

As an international translation agency for Frankfurt, tolingo has been supporting numerous well-known clients with professional translations in more than 50 languages and 220 language combinations for over 10 years now.

Our network of more than 6,000 expert translators means that we’re able to offer certified translationsexpresstechnical and legal translations as well as many other services for practically any field. We’ll find the perfect specialist translator and optimum solution for your project!

Why tolingo is the right partner for you – your benefits

Specialist translations in top quality

As an experienced translation agency for Frankfurt, tolingo is able to support its clients with translations of texts, documents, websites and much more. No matter which language combination you need in Hesse – with our range of technically and linguistically impeccable translations, we open the doors to your international success.

As a Frankfurt translation agency, we have been impressing clients since 2007 with convenient ordering processes, flexible solutions and the high level of professional competence of our translators: from a wide range of industries and specialist fields.

Delivering correct translations that have been optimised for the target audience is our top priority. Anyone can babble – but only high-quality content can really captivate!

For translation projects of all types and sizes

It all started in 2007 as a simple business idea in a 12-square-metre office in Hamburg’s Sternschanze district – and now we’re a well-known player on the global translation market.

Our project managers ensure that all sub-steps of a translation project (from the free quotation to proofreading or editing according to the ‘four-eyes principle’, or two pairs of eyes) are carried out as smoothly as possible:

  • Professional translations for all text types and industries

    The certified translators of our translation agency for Frankfurt specialise in individual fields, enabling them to produce precise and appealing translations of your texts at all times. This is especially true for the following sectors:

    • Automotive engineering
    • E-commerce
    • Finance
    • IT
    • Communications & PR
    • Lifestyle
    • Marketing
    • Mechanical engineering
    • Medical
    • Legal
    • Travel & tourism
    • Insurance & real estate
    • Science

    We have over 10 years of experience in translating a wide variety of text types, enabling us to support our clients in the business world with all kinds of projects. Here’s some of the content we translate into all world languages on a regular basis:

  • (Almost) all language combinations for your project

    In addition to language combinations with German or English, as your translation agency for Frankfurt, tolingo of course also offers high-quality translations from and into countless other languages. Thanks to our pool of specialist translators based around the world, we can offer more than 220 language combinations. These languages are ordered most frequently:

    (Almost) no matter which language combination: We’ll find the perfect native-speaker translator to work on your project.

  • Tailor your content with localisation

    Frankfurt locals will know that their famous apple wine (regionally known as ‘Äppler’) would never be served with fast-food like currywurst. But is this something the average non-Frankfurter would be aware of? The state of Hesse, and in particular the Rhine-Main region, is not only characterised by its cuisine, but of course also by its linguistic and cultural peculiarities – just like many other regions in the world.

    These should also be taken into account when broadcasting your content to an international audience, because professional localisation – adapting texts to suit the region and target group – makes your content as appealing to local audiences as the traditional Bembel apple wine jug. (For anyone reading this who’s not from Frankfurt: That’s a good thing!)

    Readers feel more drawn to content if it is linked to a familiar local tradition and evokes associations of home.

    As an experienced translation agency, tolingo offers value-creating services such as localisation for a wide range of languages. We’d be happy to give you more advice in a free and non-binding personal consultation!

  • Certified processes and workflows

    tolingo’s recipe for success? The highest quality standards, excellent customer service and certified data security in individually tailored solutions!

    We aim to offer our clients the best possible service in every respect so that they can feel secure in the knowledge that they’re in safe hands. It doesn’t matter whether they’re based in Frankfurt am Main, Mannheim, Bad Homburg, our native Hamburg or in Berlin. We’re also well aware of how important the data our clients (from Frankfurt’s financial sector, for example) entrust to us is – we know that sometimes, it can even be critical for the survival of their business. For this reason, our IT systems are designed to store, process and transmit data securely. We regularly have the high standards of our Frankfurt translation agency audited against the following standards:

    • ISO-27001 certification from TÜV SÜD. This industry standard sets out requirements for implementation, application, monitoring and improvement of all aspects of data security.
    • Certification in accordance with ISO 17100:2015. tolingo fulfils all requirements specified by this standard for the provision of high-quality translation services.
    • Quality standard ISO 9001:2015 certification. This standard stipulates that companies maintain a robust quality-management system, regularly review themselves and strive for continuous improvement in a structured manner. In addition, the client is consistently given priority to ensure that services and quotations are tailored to demand.

    This triple certification demonstrates once again that tolingo is a pioneer among translation companies, and also that we have earned the trust of our numerous clients – both in Frankfurt am Main and all over the world. 

Your full-service translation agency for Frankfurt am Main

At some companies, coordinating and completing translation tasks is not possible with their internal resources alone. Others only occasionally need specialist translations, but when they do, they need them on a very large scale or require a certified translation for a special job, for example as a supplier for Frankfurt Airport or for communication with the European Central Bank.

In cases such as these, it makes sense to work with a service provider who can carry out all the sub-steps independently. tolingo thus supports business players with a full-service offering that includes the following:


At tolingo, you’ll always have a permanent contact person for your project: they’ll find an individual solution for your particular concern, keep you up to date on the status of your project and ensure that your tasks are completed on time.

Express service gets you your translations even faster

Do you need your content translated on the same day, but are worried that this just won’t be possible? No need to worry! If you want your document to be translated particularly quickly, you can benefit from our express translations at tolingo (for an extra charge).

For this exceptionally fast service, all you have to do is select an earlier date than the one automatically suggested by the system. The price will then automatically be adjusted by the online shop. The finished translation will often be returned to you in Frankfurt am Main on the same day, depending on the length of the document and the language selected.

Next steps

Would you like to benefit from our specialist knowledge as a translation agency in Frankfurt or clarify further details?

Our expert colleagues are available to advise you on all aspects of your translation. We’d be happy to create a no-obligation quotation for you free of charge, tailored to your project plans and additional requests.

You can reach us by phone or email from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm. We look forward to hearing from you!

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