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Do you need to efficiently communicate your content in other countries and be understood well there, just as you are in your source language? Or is it important to you that your honest and direct Dortmund dialect leaves a lasting impression with international clients too? You can do all of this with us, tolingo translation services for Dortmund. With our network of more than 6,000 specialist translators, we ensure that your messages from Dortmund really make an impact in every language.


It's really simple:
Order smaller, simple jobs directly in our web shop and get an immediate quotation.

If your project is more complex, ideally send us an email or give us a call so we can advise you in person.

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You’ll receive an express translation within a very short period of time after making your enquiry.

Do you need it to be official?
Certified experts produce your certified translation according to recognised standards and with official confirmation.


Professional translations –
from Dortmund for the whole world

Pharmaceutical or medical technology companies need precise medical translations without room for interpretation. A logistics service provider must be able to rely on the fact that confidential documents are correct in the language of the respective country. Information media for young professionals and school leavers must be appealing and convincing. The list of different types of texts and industries is long.

We are proficient in all text genres and specialist areas and always translate with your target audience in mind. Our professional translations skilfully and precisely convey your message in all world languages. Our pool of more than 6,000 qualified translators consists purely of native speakers specialising in specific subject areas. To ensure your messages have maximum impact, we select the right translators with the required industry expertise for each project.

tolingo handles different types of text, including

They are experts in the areas of medicine, logistics, IT or even one of the many growing industries in the Dortmund and Rhine-Ruhr region. We know all there is to know about specialist translations and ensure that you can use professional translations to communicate your content in any world language. Benefit from our expertise and experience.

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your benefits at tolingo translation services

Get your content translated by tolingo!

You can reach our client advisors Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. by phone or by email. We’re happy to advise you in person about your individual project and create a non-binding and free quotation for you. Our web shop is also available 24/7.


  • Our services

    Dortmund and North Rhine-Westphalia live off their healthy economy. Biomedicine, active ingredient research and the manufacture of medical products, the logistics sector and – thanks to its outstanding universities – information and communication technology. We provide competent, professional and fast translations for these and many other sectors. Tell us what you want your text to achieve – and tolingo will deliver the perfect translation. Ultimately, contracts for logistics services should be formulated in a different way to information brochures for prospective students.

    What we offer you as your Dortmund translation agency


    tolingo works with a network of more than 6,000 translators with a diverse range of industry knowledge. Our translation agency specialises in many industries, including medical, pharmaceutical, IT, technology, e-commerce, trade, marketing, advertising, automotive engineering, mechanical engineering, banking, tourism, culture, lifestyle, real estate, finance, legal and insurance.

    Whether it concerns certified translations of contracts, press releases, company reports, marketing media or entire websites – our specialist translators always formulate your content so that it is perfectly conveyed in the language of the target country.


  • Our languages

    Our professional translators are experts in over 50 languages and offer more than 220 language combinations altogether. This means we can cover everything from in-demand combinations, such as German–English, to less common pairings, such as Spanish–French, and translations from Bulgarian to German or those from English to Arabic. With our expertise and our service, you can overcome any language barriers and reach new markets all from your base in Dortmund.

    Our most in-demand languages at the moment:


    For an overview of all language combinations that tolingo offers, please click here. We can also produce certified translations for you on request – we’ll be happy to advise you by phone or by email about our quotation!


  • Our customer support

    We aim to offer our clients the best possible service in every respect, whether you are based in Dortmund, Bochum, Essen, Hamburg, Berlin or Düsseldorf. That’s why we not only create high-quality translations, but also offer ordering options tailored to your needs:

    Only have a simple task for us? Couldn’t be easier
    The easiest and most convenient way to place an order with us is via our web shop. Simply upload your texts as a Word document to receive a binding price quote within seconds – you can then place your order immediately.

    Is your translation more complicated? Not to worry
    If you have special requests for your translation or a more complex project, please contact our translation agency directly by email or by phone. Our experienced project managers will be happy to advise you about our offer and additional services.

    Need more advice? We can do it in a more personal way
    We’ll be very happy to interact with you in a video conference to Dortmund. This kind of detailed conversation helps us to better understand and efficiently implement your unique translation needs, perhaps with the help of a style guide, termbase or tone-related briefing.

    Whether it’s confidential documents or a website optimised to its target audience – tolingo finishes all your orders on time and delivers texts in the desired tone. Rest assured that your Dortmund-based content will have an international impact.


Translation agency for Dortmund –
Your professional partner

Are you based in North Rhine-Westphalia but aim to expand into international markets? Then tolingo is the ideal partner, as your translation service in Dortmund. When you work with us, you get:

  • Professional specialised translations
  • With industry-specific terminology
  • By native speakers from the country of the target language
  • With a focus on your international target groups
  • At a fair price

Ask for a free and non-binding quotation today – simply contact us and let us personally advise you on your requirements and wishes. We look forward to hearing from you!


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