Professional translation of AdWords campaignsProfessional translation of AdWords campaigns
AdWords translation

AdWords translation (Google Ads)

Well-worded AdWords advertisements are crucial if you want to stand out from the mass of services and products available online. This is true for advertisements in the German-speaking market and on foreign-language market search engines  alike.

In addition to localising your website content, which produces ideal landing pages for your AdWords ads, a perfect translation of search-engine advertising texts and your advertisement extensions is of key importance. Otherwise, it’s not worth going to the trouble and expense of advertising on search engines in other countries. Poorly translated advertisements are, obviously, less likely to be clicked on, and therefore generate far fewer conversions than texts that read fluently. Good translations also establish trust, particularly in the context of companies that are not locally based for that market.

Why you should have your AdWords ads professionally translated

AdWords translations shouldn’t just be flawless and compliant with text-length requirements on search engines. In order to succeed, content must also be tailored to the search habits of target audiences in the countries concerned. At tolingo, AdWords translations are therefore produced by native-speaker translators only – professionals with plenty of experience in the field of online marketing.

If your keyword lists result in several logical translations for individual terms, our translators can select (upon request) the translations that achieve the greatest number of hits in the target country’s search engine. This makes your international ad conversion even more effective.

Summary: Gain more new customers using AdWords ads internationally

By having your AdWords campaigns, or keyword lists for AdWords ads, translated by professionals, your multilingual website, shop or blog can achieve higher click rates and improved findability on foreign-language search engines. This dramatically increases your chances of gaining new customers in these markets. Contact tolingo for advice and take the first step towards internationalisation through successful AdWords ads abroad.

Selection of our services

SEO translation to achieve the most search hits in the search engine of your target country

SEO translation

For an SEO translation, important keywords from the source text are localised in such a way that the translation achieves the most results or search hits in the leading search engine in the target country.

SEO translation
Asian woman is handed a delivery and smiles at the delivery man - express translation

Express translation

Even when things need to happen quickly, we make sure that every project is handled correctly for the subject area and all delivered translations are of high quality - for all industries and languages.

Express translation
Translation memory for maximum consistency and quality

Translation memory

Translation memories ensure that the same high quality is maintained across all projects. In this way, an organisation’s vocabulary becomes the basis for future translations.

Translation memory