Project management for your future translation projectsProject management for your future translation projects
Project management

Project management – going the extra mile

Alongside the initial consultation, the actual management of a project is a fundamental component of the translation process. The team of experienced project managers at the translation agency tolingo coordinates all the relevant steps from project preparation to completion. This includes project evaluation and costing, process optimisation, resource planning, tool and programme management, deadline monitoring and communication control. Naturally, this classic project management – which we provide to you free of charge – also includes the usual project preparation and handling for your translation project.

Projects are in good hands

We also offer enhanced project management to deal with the additional work that is involved in preparing, carrying out and following up on complicated projects or specific steps during a translation project. Examples of these special tasks include laborious and time-consuming conversions or file preparations for calculating a quotation, complex translator pooling and briefing, or additional work required of translators. This supplementary project management can be billed on an hourly basis by prior arrangement with the client.

Recurring and previously defined process steps can also be outsourced to us on a long-term basis. This means we will take over and handle the project management for your future translation projects in full, saving you a lot of time and leaving you safe in the knowledge that your projects are in good hands. We look forward to speaking with you.

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