Professional translation services for the globalised business worldProfessional translation services for the globalised business world

Professional translations for the globalised business world

The success of a professional translation hinges on the linguistic and technical expertise of the translation provider – not to mention the provider’s international experience, process quality and grasp of the subject matter. For more than a decade now, we – as one of the highest-ranked translation agencies in Germany and the world – have offered hundreds of companies and agencies of all sizes and industries everything the modern translation market has to offer: translations in nearly any language combination, specialist translations for any subject area, 24/7 customer service, the use of certified technologies and a large, highly experienced project management and consultation team.

tolingo is the partner you need for professional translations

  • Over 10 years of experience with the global market and projects through our work for companies and agencies of all sizes
  • More than 6,000 specialist translators working in every language combination and field
  • Personalised, efficient and cutting-edge project management
  • ISO-certified service quality
  • More than 50 experienced staff working at our offices in Hamburg
  • Individualised consultation and a huge portfolio of service packages that can be customised

Translation services that incorporate all the standards and extra options you need to be successful

In order to accommodate any individual business requirement, we provide a large portfolio of customisable additional services in addition to our standardised, ISO-certified translation services. These range from content-related services such as glossary and style-guide creation to design services such as 1:1 layout options of all sizes and types, not to mention quality-assurance services such as editing and proofreading – or even legal services such as certified translations. All of these additional services can be adjusted to suit the respective profile and individual needs of the client.

Certified security and quality in every area

For us, the security and quality of our translation services take top priority, starting from the use of professional translators, project managers, desktop publishing and translation memories, all the way to database integration – each and every one of our service components is regularly reviewed for compliance with international processes and policies, redesigned and certified by independent auditors, and therefore an excellent facilitator for the success of even the most complex translation projects. Furthermore, all certified native-speaker translators at tolingo aren’t just highly trained in terms of linguistic competence in their source and target languages, but also subject to strict testing processes regarding their expertise before we accept them to our network of more than 6,000 specialist translators around the world.

Personalised, effective and sustainable

Service quality is not our only priority – we also focus on personalised contact and sustainable thinking and actions on behalf of our clients. Our more than 50 employees, located in Hamburg, work hard every day to make it possible for our clients to communicate efficiently in their target markets and increase their international sales.

tolingo offers all translation services

Achieve your goal with the best people for the job

Benefit from our professional working processes and technological support that will bring your unique translation project to life and help cement your company’s reputation on the international market. The professional project management team at our translation agency guarantees a smooth process, on-time delivery and personal customer service. Entrust your specialist translation to a true expert.

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We ensure your success

In addition to the translation services we offer, you can also order proofreading or editing from tolingo. The source text is first translated, then polished by a second translator. An edited translation, with its enhanced readability, improves the quality of a text and excludes the possibility of error. But what’s the difference between proofreading and editing, anyway?

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When things need to happen fast

In the internationalised and multimedia world of business, demand for fast translations of documents, presentations, press releases, annual reports and minutes from meetings is especially high. Even when things need to happen quickly, we make sure that every project is handled correctly according to the specific and all delivered translations are of high quality.

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Legally sound

By working with translation agency tolingo, your documents will be translated to the best possible standard of quality. Officially sworn translators can translate your materials with accuracy and dependability, no matter their type or scope. Transparent processes and many years’ experience in dealing with certified translations ensure an easy, problem-free process. 

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Internationalise your texts perfectly

tolingo adapts your online presence to suit how language is used in the target country. A professionally translated website opens the door to new markets and establishes trust with foreign clients. Thanks to simple processes and advice from tolingo, your website content is extracted quickly and easily, translated and then added to your CMS once again. 

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Precise right down to the keywords

By having your AdWords campaigns, or keyword lists for AdWords ads, translated by professionals, your multilingual website, shop or blog can achieve higher click rates and improved findability on foreign-language search engines. This dramatically increases your chances of gaining new customers in these markets. Contact tolingo for advice!

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For visibility without borders

For an SEO translation, important keywords from the source text are localised in such a way that the translation achieves the most results or search hits in the leading search engine in the target country. The client usually provides a list of keywords for this. tolingo helps you to rank the translated texts (or websites on which these texts appear) highly in the search engine of the target country.

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Strictly in accordance with your specifications

In addition to the broad spectrum of challenges posed by the task of handling personal data, it is essential that the statutory requirements also be observed when operating multilingual websites. tolingo would like to offer its internationally active clients a quality service that meets the challenges posed by GDPR legislation. 

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Precision, down to the smallest detail

Professional translations of technical content require not only excellent language skills, but also a holistic understanding of technical details and processes. With our pool of over 6,000 highly trained and certified translators, you can rely on a high-quality translation of your technical documentation and manuals. Your translation order will be carried out by an experienced and qualified native speaker of the desired target language.

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Smart time saving

The tolingo translation memory stores previously translated content or passages of text. These are automatically suggested to our specialist translators during the translation process so that translations from the translation memory can be incorporated directly into the current project, saving clients time and money. The ability to generate savings is increased by continually adding to the translation memory database, which grows with every job ordered from tolingo.

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Protect your brand’s image all over the world

The DTP specialists at tolingo will preserve your corporate identity even in Chinese script, and make sure that no word looks out of place. This guarantees a unified presence across all markets. Desktop publishers with technological and typographical experience adapt all elements of the translated text to the layout of your template, e.g. in InDesign, FrameMaker or Illustrator. The project managers, translators and desktop publishers at tolingo work closely together to position every word perfectly.

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Reliable formatting

File engineering leads to lower costs for file adjustments and format conversions on the client side. The experienced project managers at tolingo are familiar with all common file formats and will make all the adjustments to settings needed during document preparation so that the CAT tool used by tolingo can identify and correctly match the text segments to be translated. tolingo is even able to securely process especially large files and quantities of data without any loss.

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Systematic unified communication strategies

A glossary is a list of terms and jargon with fixed translations, ensuring standardised terminology and consistent use of industry and company-specific language in a translation. Translators have direct access to the glossary at all times while working on a translation. As soon as the system used by tolingo recognises a glossary entry in the source text, it prompts the translator to use the corresponding fixed translation.Clients can either provide an existing glossary or a list of specialist terms for initial translation, or they can work with tolingo to gradually compile a new glossary. 

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Strike the right chord - in any language

tolingo offers style guide creation to guarantee that clients receive homogenous and consistent industry and company-specific language. Specialist translators and proofreaders receive the style guide along with the file to be translated, which they compare with the defined guidelines after translation. This ensures standardised use of style, formatting and spelling in all translations. This also allows clients to save on in-house resources for adapting translated documents themselves.

Style guides can of course be revised or expanded at any time. We would be happy to develop a customised, company-specific style guide for you.

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Expertise at your side, from A to Z

The team of experienced project managers at tolingo coordinates all the relevant steps from project preparation to completion. This includes project evaluation and costing, process optimisation, resource planning, tool and programme management, deadline monitoring and communication control. Naturally, this classic project management – which we provide to you free of charge – also includes the usual project preparation and handling for your translation project

Recurring and previously defined process steps can also be outsourced to us on a long-term basis. This means we will take over and handle the project management for your future translation projects in full, saving you a lot of time and leaving you safe in the knowledge that your projects are in good hands..

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The perfect connection

We offer you the opportunity to set up a direct connection between your systems and tolingo via an API (programmed interface), which enables a fully integrated process. This lets you transmit content to tolingo in a quick, uncomplicated way, and receive a translation in the right format back just as easily – with no need for manual exports or sending emails.

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Seamless workflow processes

tolingo offers you a variety of plug-ins that you can simply integrate into your CMS, allowing you to translate your website content efficiently by utilising an automated translation workflow. After you’ve installed the appropriate plug-in, all you have to do is select the content in your system that you’d like to have translated and immediately begin the process without ever needing to leave your system. 

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Automatically good

In machine translation, tolingo offers you a fast, cost-effective way to have content translated automatically into another language. State-of-the-art machine translation systems work with neural networks built to mimic the human brain. This allows these systems to understand the context of a text even before beginning the translation.

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