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It’s a common experience: you consult the instruction manual for a gadget you’ve just bought, but you hardly understood a word – although it’s written in your native language! Translating technical content so that it can be easily understood is a job that requires talent and expertise: highly complex content has to be communicated in an understandable and reliable way. After all, your customers all over the globe are delighted to receive documents, instructions or manuals in their own language. And if the text is also easy to understand and feels “right”, even to native speakers, then there will be no problems with misinterpretations.

A professional translation of technical texts also has to fulfil very high requirements. But for you, the solution can be very simple. As a quadruple-certified  translation agency we specialise in technical translations and process the most complex projects on a daily basis. Our aim? To ensure that your technical translations do exactly what they are supposed to. And that the process stays as simple as possible for you – no matter how much needs to be translated. Give us a call, and we’ll show you what we mean.

3 good reasons to choose us

Top quality –
technical translators

For complex technical documents, we exclusively use accredited translators who specialise in the field of technology. If you prefer, our artificial intelligence (AI) system will generate a precise translation almost instantly, which one of our experts will then check.

Our translators process highly complex texts with their technical understanding, precision and language skills on a daily basis.

Quadruple certification –
TÜV & LinquaCERT

Our processes offer top quality combined with maximum security. We have received multiple certifications for our translation services (ISO 17100), post-editing of machine translations (ISO 18587), quality management (ISO 9001) and information security (ISO/IEC 27001).

You profit from certified quality & efficient processes – including personal support.

Focussed on technology –
for more than 15 years

We are one of the leading international translation agencies in Europe. We specialise in all kinds of technical translation projects and know what needs to be considered when translating technical texts. After all, we’ve been doing this successfully for 15 years.

Or, to put it another way: We make sure that you can also have complex texts translated very simply.


Satisfied clients

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Professional technical translations –
we ensure that you find the right words

Do your specialist technical texts contain complex and very specific terms? The translation, therefore, has to be doubly correct, so to speak – both in terms of content and consistency. Your wording – whether it is for technical or marketing reasons – needs to be consistent, because only then can your readers understand the texts across several documents. And only then can the translation of technical documentation such as operating instructions or safety datasheets comply with the legal requirements that many technical texts are subject to, e.g. in the mechanical engineering industry. Precision and consistency are decisive for the quality of technical translations. Here, better understanding means more security!

Our certified specialist technical translators know this. Communicating technical contexts in an understandable way to people all over the world is something that they do on a daily basis. With the help of a translation memory consistency is guaranteed.

Our specialist technical translators translate the content precisely and with an eye for the decisive details. Many technical documents can benefit from machine translation where consistency is literally pre-programmed. This is often a good supplement to the work of a specialist translator – and even quicker!

That’s why we recommend our Smart package for technical translations. With this translation solution, we use artificial intelligence only when the text is suitable.



Fast and focused on the essentials. Our artificial intelligence translates your texts, experienced translators check to see if the core information has actually been translated correctly and make improvements to the text if necessary.

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Recommended for technical translations


A high-quality translation at a really good price. We select the best way of achieving an effective translation according to your specifications. we only utilise AI-supported technology when it measurably improves the quality of the final product.

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4-eyes-plus – for the highest standards. Two experienced translators who specialise in the respective subject area work on your text. The first person translates, the second person corrects and revises the text for style.

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You can find more information about our translation solutions and prices here.


We translate

  • Assembly instructions
  • CAD drawings
  • Declarations of conformity
  • Factory standards
  • Guide books
  • Instruction for use
  • Maintenance instructions
  • Manuals
  • Manufacturer’s declarations
  • Operating instructions
  • Process descriptions
  • Product datasheets
  • Safety data sheets
  • Security data sheets
  • Software files
  • Technical documentation
  • Training materials
  • ...and much more

The right translator for your texts

We select the certified specialist translator who is the perfect match for your project according to specific criteria. These include linguistic abilities at native-speaker level, many years of experience in translating technical texts and a holistic understanding of technical details and processes.

“Our company’s philosophy is to find out what our clients’ goals are, understand them, and realise them effectively. And that is exactly how things work with tolingo. They understand what is important to us and realise it accordingly. tolingo has assembled a fixed team of translators for us. This is enormously helpful to us, especially when we need things to move quickly.”

Tanja Joswig // Technical Construction, Becker Maschinenbau

“To stand out from our competitors, our client communication needs to be as precise as our customised tools, and often has to be available in the shortest possible time. That is why we need a partner who responds quickly, guarantees high quality and supports our project planning through binding commitments. With tolingo, we have found this partner.”

Katrin Grebe // Managing Director, Krämer+Grebe


Your technical translation agency

We handle technical translations for a wide variety of industries and target groups on a day-to-day basis.
Including these industries, among others:

6,000+ certified specialists are available to you

You profit from our network of more than 6,000 experienced and certified translators.

(Super) fast delivery

You will usually receive your translation within a few days – precisely how quickly depends, of course, on the length of the text.  There are Express and Super Express options if you need the translation particularly urgently.

220+ language combinations

It doesn’t matter if you need a translation into English or Bulgarian, we can help! With our network of more than 6,000 translators, we can offer translations in more than 220 language combinations. The most popular language combinations for the translation of technical documents are:

You can find an overview of all languages here.

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Franziska Rohé // Key Account Manager

+49 40 637 953 02 21 //

Would you like to have technical documents professionally translated? Let us advise you! My aim: Your texts should work – in every language.


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