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System integration

System integration – simply efficient

System content, such as translating a website into multiple languages, can end up being a lot of work. Traditionally, the content to be translated must initially be extracted before translation, then inserted back into the page using copy and paste, followed by an adjustment of the formatting. And as soon as new content arrives, which also needs to be translated, the process starts all over again...

Luckily, there’s a better way: tolingo offers you a variety of plug-ins that you can simply integrate into your CMS (such as WordPress or Typo3), allowing you to translate your website content efficiently by utilising an automated translation workflow. After you’ve installed the appropriate plug-in, all you have to do is select the content in your system that you’d like to have translated and immediately begin the process without ever needing to leave your system. Once your translation has been generated, the target content will be reincorporated into your system in a fully automatic process – ready for you to review and publish. This spares you a great deal of manual effort, and lowers the risk of errors significantly.

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What advantages do tolingo’s plug-ins offer you?

  • Simple implementation
  • Fast, uncomplicated transmission of content to be translated
  • Can be used with many systems
  • No developer know-how necessary
  • Secure, encrypted data transmission

What options do using our plug-ins give you?

  • Connect directly to your CMS or PIM system and transfer your text and products to tolingo in real time
  • Automate your workflows and have content transmitted at pre-defined times (e.g. at night) in order to reduce the manual effort
  • Have completed translations automatically returned to your system
  • Spare yourself the manual effort of importing and exporting, sending emails and copy and paste

Have we sparked your interest? Then get in touch with us for a consultation – we’ll show you how to connect your system with tolingo’s plug-ins and simplify your translation processes considerably. We look forward to hearing from you!

Selection of our services

Your specialist for GDPR compliant translations

GDPR translation

In addition to the broad spectrum of challenges posed by the task of handling personal data, it is essential that the statutory requirements also be observed when operating multilingual websites.

GDPR translation
Asian woman is handed a delivery and smiles at the delivery man - express translation

Express translation

Even when things need to happen quickly, we make sure that every project is handled correctly for the subject area and all delivered translations are of high quality - for all industries and languages.

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Machine translation – for when things need to happen fast

Machine Translation

State-of-the-art machine translation systems work with neural networks built to mimic the human brain. This allows these systems to understand the context of a text even before beginning the translation.

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