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Business translations and specialist economy translations

specialist economy translation

Thanks to globalisation, international commercial relationships are continuing to increase. Both sales and production abroad are becoming the norm. For people working in the economy, good English skills are therefore becoming an almost self-evident requirement.

However, when it comes to contracts, offers or important correspondence, a professional translation is essential. The challenge for mother-tongue translators in the field of economy and commerce is often texts that are out of context and must first be thoroughly researched. This is why our translators have expert knowledge in the relevant industries as well as having a background in economic studies or professional experience, ensuring they can find just the right technical jargon needed for the following text types:

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Secure business translations

Data security

All data that we receive from you will be treated as strictly confidential. Every tolingo translator is bound by confidentiality and exclusively produces their texts in our system, preventing them from downloading or copying your text. We will be happy to issue a separate non-disclosure agreement for you.

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