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Beginning letters and emails, small talk in emails

Enquiries in emails and letters

English letters emails
I am writing to enquire about… Checkmark Checkmark
I am writing to request… Checkmark Checkmark


English letters emails
I am writing in reference to your… Checkmark Checkmark
letter dated…
Further to our telephone conversation / meeting / discussion… Checkmark Checkmark


English letters emails
Thank you for your letter / email Checkmark Checkmark
Thank you for your interest in… Checkmark Checkmark
our company / our products / our services.

Email small talk

English letters emails
How are you? Checkmark
I hope you are well. Checkmark
It was good to… Checkmark
see you at… / talk to you on…. Checkmark
I hope you enjoyed… Checkmark
the conference / our holiday / the party.

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