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Adressing and signing off in Business Writing

Salutations in letters and emails

English letters emails
To whom it may concern Checkmark Business translation no-go
Very formal type of address. Mainly used when writing to public organisations or authorities.
Dear Sir or Madam Checkmark Checkmark
Formal address for when the recipient is unknown.
Dear Mr/Ms Checkmark Checkmark
Standard address when the recipient’s name is known.
Dear John/Sarah Checkmark Checkmark
Standard address for friends, colleagues and business contacts
Hi / Hello John / Sarah Business translation no-go Checkmark
An informal and very friendly way of addressing colleagues, friends and people with whom you have frequent contact.

Signing off in emails and letters

English use letters emails
Yours sincerely formal (Name known) Checkmark Checkmark
Yours faithfully formal (Name unknown) Checkmark Checkmark
Sincerely yours formal Checkmark Checkmark
Kind regards less formal Checkmark Business translation no-go
Best regards friendly Checkmark Checkmark
Best wishes friendly Checkmark Checkmark
All the best friendly Checkmark Checkmark
Yours friendly Checkmark Checkmark
Thanks / cheers casual Business translation no-go Checkmark
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