WordPress: Website text translation –
in just 4 easy steps

When having your entire website or even just a few web pages translated, the best method is to export an XLIFF file directly from your WordPress content management system. The XLIFF export allows you to export all the texts on your website easily and without loss and send them to your translation agency.

This ensures that all non-visible content is also included. For example, content that is relevant for search engine optimisation. In contrast to manually copying out texts, XLIFF export therefore offers the advantages of error-free, fast and complete data transfer, including correct links to all sub-pages.

Good to know!

You can re-import the translated data later just as easily – in multiple languages as well.

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Note on implementation

We recommend that you have all the steps described in your content management system carried out by experienced WordPress developers.

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tolingo is a leading international translation agency. Our 6,000 or so native speakers translate texts into more than 220 language combinations, adapt them for the respective cultural environment and proofread them down to the very last detail.

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File engineering: file adjustments and format conversions of your documents

File engineering

File engineering leads to lower costs for file adjustments and format conversions on the client side. tolingo is even able to securely process especially large files and quantities of data without any loss.

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Project management for your future translation projects

Translation services

The team of experienced project managers at tolingo coordinates all the relevant steps from project preparation to completion. This includes project evaluation and costing, process optimisation and more.

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Successfully localise or internationalise your website

Website translation

With tolingo as a partner for translating your website, there are no limits when it comes to localising and/or internationalising your company and winning new customers abroad.

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