Translation agency with extensive experience in mechanical engineeringTranslation agency with extensive experience in mechanical engineering
Mechanical engineering

Expertise down to the tiniest detail – translations in the engineering sector

The mechanical engineering sector is one of the largest branches of industry in Germany, generating 226 billion EUR of revenue in 2017. Germany has over 6,400 companies working in mechanical engineering ( Most of these businesses export their products and machinery, which means they regularly require translations for things like installation and instruction manuals or marketing materials. As a translation agency with extensive experience in mechanical engineering, tolingo is exactly the right partner to help companies internationalise and sell their products on a global level.

Well-equipped with tolingo as a mechanical engineering translation provider

  • tolingo has years of translation experience in the mechanical engineering industry.
  • Our mechanical engineering translators possess the expertise and linguistic ability needed for these texts.
  • Handbooks, specifications, reports – tolingo can carry out any technical translation project.
  • 100% accurate technical translation – whether into English, Chinese or Russian.
  • tolingo offers certified quality and automated processes with personal support.
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Industry-specific challenges

In specialist mechanical engineering translations, correct use of terminology is essential. The utmost accuracy is required especially when sensitive texts relating to human safety are involved, such as instruction or operating manuals for technical equipment. Not only do translators working in the fields of mechanical engineering, process engineering, vehicle engineering, industry and manufacturing therefore need a comprehensive technical understanding; they must also be familiar with the right specialist terminology.

  • Our specialist translators for mechanical engineering

    Translating material on complex manufacturing processes or detailed machine components requires excellent language skills as well as an all-round understanding of technical details and processes in mechanical and plant engineering. Individual specialist terms for product lists or catalogues must often be translated with little or even no context at all. Choosing a specialist translator who has undergone training specifically in this subject area is therefore absolutely crucial to the quality of a mechanical engineering translation. We currently have 1,200 native speakers qualified to carry out technical translations, having obtained the necessary skills through previous professional training and years of experience in working with this industry’s specialist texts. This allows us to guarantee our clients a consistently high quality of translation.

  • Translation agency for mechanical engineering – our services

    tolingo offers a wide range of translation services for the mechanical engineering industry, in a variety of different file formats:

    • User handbooks
    • Operating manuals
    • Technical reports
    • Instruction manuals, directions for use
    • Marketing materials
    • Product specifications and brochures
    • Project specifications
    • Training materials
    • Safety data sheets
    • Technical documentation
    • Service manuals

    Need a translation for a different type of text from the field of mechanical engineering – for packaging machinery or machine tools, perhaps – or any other technical translation? Then feel free to contact us directly.

  • Specialist mechanical engineering translations in 220 language combinations

    We offer technical translations in 220 language combinations – at a consistent quality. Alongside German-English and English-German, the languages most often requested for these specialist translations are French, Italian and Spanish, but we can also carry out other translation assignments for you. If the target language you need is not listed in our overview, feel free to contact us directly.

Reasons to choose tolingo as a mechanical engineering translation partner

Thanks to many years of experience with mechanical and plant engineering texts and close cooperation with specialists in this field, tolingo is able to offer a high level of subject area expertise in a variety of different language combinations. Enjoy the following benefits:

  • Translation by qualified, specialist native speakers.
  • Fast and reliable translation via a certified translation process (ISO 17100:2015).
  • 100% certified quality under ISO 9001:2015.
  • Style guides, glossaries and translation memories for consistent quality and effective cost management.
  • SSL encryption and declaration of confidentiality to ensure your data is kept private.

As a certified translation agency, we offer you a comprehensive service and holistic advice on quality assurance, cost savings and automated processes. We analyse the systems and processes used by you and create a customised solution for all translation services in your company. This lets you ensure that your machinery and other technical products can be used properly all over the world. We look forward to hearing from you – and to working with you!

Our clients about us

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The thing I like most is the friendly and unique service as well as the high-quality translations. I find it very practical that the translation is done in the original document, meaning I can use it right away without having to edit the document beforehand.

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