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As interconnectivity between international markets increases, translations of real estate, insurance and financial sector texts are becoming increasingly important. Since these specialist translations are often the basis on which significant decisions are made, they need to be impeccable in both form and content – without losing their persuasive power. In other words, financial documents are expected to be capable of influencing foreign investors, translations for real estate agents should attract international clients, and translations for the insurance industry need to facilitate the proper processing of claims. The certified specialist translators at tolingo know the appropriate regulations in detail and will translate your specialist texts so that you can confidently use them for your activities abroad as well.

Why tolingo is the perfect partner for your financial translations

  • Financial translations from tolingo build trust with investors, clients and contractual partners.
  • Annual reports, real estate listings, claim notifications – tolingo handles every translation project with precision and discretion.
  • Our specialist translators for financial, real estate and insurance texts guarantee you subject expertise and linguistic persuasiveness.
  • tolingo translates your financial, insurance and real estate text to a high quality in 220 financial world language combinations.
  • Personal support and guaranteed translation quality put your translations on the most secure footing possible.

Building trust in the financial world through translations

The top priority in translations for the insurance, real estate and finance industry is to persuade the reader, whether they are an investor, client or contractual partner. These texts often concern health, real estate, capital assets and the future of companies – sensitive subjects where trust is key. When it comes to potential foreign investments or investments by stakeholders, a high-quality translation can have significant influence. There are also strict regulations that apply to financial texts throughout the world, such as international standards for the preparation of balance sheets and annual reports or national tax authority guidelines, which leave little room for interpretation. Terms of insurance and other insurance industry texts are likewise subject to specific requirements which must be satisfied.

Ensuring that these requirements can be met with a translated text demands the utmost subject expertise from specialist translators who, amongst other things, have suitable professional knowledge of insurance and financial systems in the target countries concerned. Financial translations from tolingo combine the necessary technical reliability and appropriate persuasiveness to build vital trust with investors, clients and contractual partners. See our certified translation quality for yourself.

  • Service portfolio for the insurance, real estate and financial sector

    Our clients in the financial sector include sole proprietors and self-employed individuals as well as large insurance companies and banks that operate on a global scale. Typical content translated by tolingo for the insurance, real estate and financial sector includes:

    • Balance sheets, annual accounts, accounting regulations
    • Business plans
    • Stock market reporting and news
    • Due diligence audit reports, investor information
    • Financial statements, corporate plans
    • Annual and quarterly company reports
    • Treatment and cost plans
    • Real estate advertisements
    • Management reports
    • Market studies
    • Product information sheets for selling securities
    • Claim notifications and damage reports
    • Terms of insurance and insurance policies
    • Key Investor Information Documents (KIIDs)

    Do you need a specialist translation for a different type of text? Then simply contact us directly – we would be happy to create an individual quotation for you.

  • Our finance industry translators

    At tolingo, translations are produced exclusively by native-speaking specialist translators. Not only are our certified translators proficient in the specialist terminology of their respective industries, they also have access to subject-specific information sources and contact with experienced brokers, managers and real estate agents in the target country who can assist in cases of ambiguity when researching specialist terms.

  • Financial translations in 220 language combinations

    While translations of financial records and specialist texts for the real estate and insurance sectors are currently requested most often from German to English, French, Italian or Polish, we can carry out your translation project in a total of 220 language combinations. So if the target language you need is not listed in our language overview, feel free to contact us directly.

Fully hedged with financial translations from tolingo

Translations you can trust are crucial, especially when it comes to translating financial records, insurance information and real estate texts. Have your specialist texts translated by tolingo and enjoy the benefits of using a certified translator:

  • Qualified specialist translators with industry experience are familiar with all regulations, laws and guidelines applicable to financial, insurance and real estate texts in the target country.
  • Style guides, translation memories and glossaries ensure consistent specialist translations and allow cost savings.
  • ISO 9001:2015-certified quality management guarantees high-quality translations.
  • ISO 17100:2015-certified translation process ensures maximum reliability.
  • tolingo uses SSL encryption, offering the highest level of security during data transfer.
  • Every translator at tolingo has signed a non-disclosure agreement. We would also be happy to provide you with an additional, separate declaration of confidentiality or sign one that is already in use within your company.

These benefits, together with transparent pricing and excellent personalised advice from a dedicated tolingo contact, round off tolingo’s credentials as a high-quality translation agency.

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