XML file translationXML file translation
XML translation

XML file translation for websites and applications

tolingo can process language files from applications in the form of XML files without any problems. Simply upload your XML file into our cost calculator to confirm the price and preview the text that is displayed to the translator. The structure of your original XML file will of course be completely preserved during the translation process.

How we process XML files:

  • All content contained between the tags is visible to our translators and will be translated professionally.
  • Please make sure that your XML files are valid as our cost calculator only accepts valid XML files.
  • When you place your translation services order, please use the translator briefing to provide your translator with guidance, references and other information that could assist the translator with the XML file translation.

If you have any further questions and are interested in fully-automating you translation requirements, then please contact tolingo Support!

Selection of our services

File engineering: file adjustments and format conversions of your documents

File engineering

File engineering leads to lower costs for file adjustments and format conversions on the client side. tolingo is even able to securely process especially large files and quantities of data without any loss.

File engineering
System integration for efficient translation

System integration

tolingo offers you a variety of plug-ins that you can simply integrate into your CMS (such as WordPress or Typo3), allowing you to translate your website content efficiently by utilising an automated workflow.

System integration
Successfully localise or internationalise your website

Website translation

With tolingo as a partner for translating your website, there are no limits when it comes to localising and/or internationalising your company and winning new customers abroad.

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