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Specialist legal and law translations

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Legal translations require a very special, well-founded expertise. Legal texts are highly abstract, contain complex terms and feature a style that seems foreign to laypeople. An incorrect reproduction of the text can have legal consequences or at least cause damage to one’s image. This is why we only allow legal texts to be translated by specialised translators who have either completed legal studies or have many years of experience working in a legal environment. These translators don’t just have excellent knowledge of specialist terminology, but also have access to the usual information sources and legal acquaintances in order to research specialised terms in a highly professional manner.

Certified translations, which are required for certificates and other official documents, can be provided by the tolingo translators who are authorised to produce sworn translations.

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All data that we receive from you will be treated as strictly confidential. Every tolingo translator is bound by confidentiality and exclusively produces their texts in our system, preventing them from downloading or copying your text. We will be happy to issue a separate non-disclosure agreement for you.

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Work sample law specialist translations

As an expert for national and international business law, the DIEKMANN Rechtsanwälte solicitor’s office regularly orders legal translations from tolingo. The strictly confidential texts for various clients, who primarily work in the medicine and pharmaceuticals industry, are translated with great care by expert legal translators in line with the highest quality standards and then proofread according to the four eye principle. tolingo always works on DIEKMANN Rechtsanwälte projects with translators who have expertise in the corresponding area of law in order to ensure the precise reproduction of the specific terminology.

All of the mother tongue translators are also committed to exercise discretion with confidential information, which is of particular importance for DIEKMANN Rechtsanwälte. Thanks to the innovative tolingo technology, used by translators working for tolingo throughout the world, the text never leaves the system and is therefore in the best hands at all times.

»We are a Hamburg-based law firm, specialising in intellectual property rights as well as food and health law. We have been using tolingo for a whole range of legal translations since its establishment and have always been extremely satisfied with the quality delivered and quick turnaround. Over the years, tolingo has proven a skilled and reliable partner, particularly when it comes to the translation of very long, highly specialised documents within a short timeframe. We are delighted to have found tolingo and would wholeheartedly recommend the company to others.«

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