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Essential tips to bear in mind when sending applications by post

The folder you choose for your application portfolio should be sturdy and of a high quality. Make sure that the folder is in no way whatsoever dog-eared or stained, as this makes a bad impression.

Use high-quality DIN A4 100g/sqm (min.) paper.

Place your cover letter on top of the folder, and not inside.

Do not forget to write the current date on your CV and cover letter and to sign both documents.

Your application photo should be taken by a professional photographer; do not use a photo taken by you or someone you know or in a photo booth.

Do not use any plastic folders, paperclips or loose-leaf binders.

Include only copies of letters of reference, and never the originals; originals can be submitted at a later date if requested. The copies of these letters should be of a good quality.

Make sure that you have paid sufficient postage for your application and that you have not made any spelling mistakes on the envelope, in particular with regard to the name of the company and contact person.