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Tips for applying for a job in Germany

How do I go about applying for a job in Germany?

Tips, tricks and important rules that should be observed when applying for a job in Germany.

Have you long dreamed of spending a bit of time abroad, immersing yourself in the culture and, best of all, working there? And now you want to apply for a job or an internship in Germany ? Good idea! You need to put together an optimal application file for your application to work in Germany to be successful. The following points should therefore be considered:

The most important element for a German application is the cover letter. This should be clear, with meaningful content, and be free from errors.

Almost as important as the letter is the CV. This should be limited to a maximum of two pages. Three pages are acceptable in certain circumstances.

Do not forget to enclose an application photo. This can be attached to the top right hand corner of the first page of the CV. However, it is better to have the application photo on a separate cover sheet. When the application photo is on a separate title page it appears less “squashed”, and the application appears more professional.

Last of all, it is always necessary in Germany to attach copies (not originals) of key references and certificates to the application. These include school, training and study certificates, or previous employer references. References from previous employers are not standard practice in Germany, but they can be included.

For additional information:

Sample CV and cover letter

These free samples show you the basic structure of a CV and cover letter for German applications. Every CV/cover letter is slightly different but these patterns will show you the basic requirements of a CV or cover letter for a German application.

Should you wish to have your application translated from English into German, please feel free to contact the tolingo translation service. We will be happy to help you.