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If you need an instant translation quote it couldn’t be easier. Translation quotes are automatically generated by our cost calculator. Simply enter your text or upload your file, choose your language combination and text category, then click “calculate”. tolingo are proud to implement a transparent pricing system for the benefit of customers and translators alike; there are no hidden costs, and you will know your exact, final price from the word go. Our calculator can even tell you, when your translation will be ready for collection – so give it a try!

Translating the future…

tolingo is revolutionising the translation market with intelligent technologies and simplified processes. This means your texts are not just finished more quickly, but also more cheaply than by our competitors – and all without compromising quality. tolingo exclusively works with certified, native-language translators throughout the world who have qualified in a precisely defined application process and are continuously evaluated by tolingo. Every text is proofread by a second translator and checked for completeness. Translating the future. This means: we don’t do everything differently. But we do many things better.

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