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Case studies – experiences and references

tolingo translations testimonials and case studies

Are you interested in a cooperation with tolingo GmbH, but are not 100% sure if tolingo GmbH is the right service provider for your translation projects? Have a read through the case studies about the successful cooperation with our customers and see for yourself. Of course, we’re always glad to hear from you, too . We would be happy to advise you; we can compile an individual offer for you free of charge.

Connox GmbH (

Connox GmbH Logo Founded in 2005 by Thilo Haas and Kristian Lenz, today Connox is one of the leading online providers on the market for designer furniture and home accessories. More than 100 employees stand behind

“Connox is very satisfied with tolingo in every respect, from the transparency of all their services and project management to the quality of the translations, consultation and resolution of any questions that came up during the project – not to mention their flexibility with regard to delivery and modification requests. And given the scope of the whole package, the price is completely justified.” (Josi Schlichting – Koordinierung Internationale Shops)

Find out more about our successful cooperation with Connox GmbH. Read the Connox/tolingo (PDF) case study here.

Becker Sonder-Maschinenbau GmbH (

Becker Sonder-Machinenbau

As an international specialist, Becker Sonder-Maschinenbau GmbH produces precision machines and systems in the areas of special machine construction and packaging technology. Tailor-made systems that can also meet rapidly changing requirements. Technological innovations are produced on the most modern CAD workspaces through customised tasks. Modern CNC-controlled production turns these order specifications into solutions that inspire clients all over the world.

“Our company’s philosophy is to find out what our customers’ goals are, understand them, and achieve them effectively. And that is exactly how things work at tolingo. They understood what is important to us and provide us withthe solutions we need. Tolingo now has a permanent specialist translation team in place to work for us. This is enormously helpful to us, especially when we need things to move quickly. We will gladly continue to hire tolingo for our translation work in the future.” (Tanja Joswig – Technical Construction)

Find out more about our cooperation with Becker Sonder-Maschinenbau GmbH. Read the Becker Sonder-Maschinenbau/tolingo (PDF) case study here.

KRÄMER+GREBE GmbH & Co. KG Modellbau Germany (

Krämer+Grebe Logo

The family company Krämer+Grebe draws on many years of experience from the model and tool construction sector. Clients and partners benefit from this skill in processing high-quality steels and synthetic materials. Tight dimensional tolerances, high surface quality, thermal and mechanical stability and complex tool contours are the quality features of Krämer+Grebe.

“International competition requires that our customer communication be as precise as our custom-made tools, and often that it be available as soon as possible. That is why we need a partner who responds quickly, guarantees high quality and supports our project planning through binding commitments. Tolingo is that partner for us, and we rely on the responsiveness, capability and experience of our contact person there just as we do on the quality of the translations themselves.” (Katrin Grebe – Managing Director)

Find out more about our successful cooperation with KRÄMER+GREBE GmbH. Read the KRÄMER+GREBE/tolingo (PDF) case study here.

HR7 GmbH | The Job Factory (

HR7 The Job Factory Logo

HR7 stands for professional and reliable services in personnel leasing, personnel recruitment and consultation, on-site management, interim management and in-house outsourcing. We aim to provide the perfect combination of speed and quality. Our clients in a wide range of industries have benefited from this for years.

“Our aim is to bring people and employment together. In doing so, we rely on customised solutions that impress both our clients and staff. tolingo understood this concept from the start and implemented it perfectly. There was always support available to us from a dedicated contact who provided us with regular updates on the project’s progress. tolingo combines speed and quality, making them the ideal partner. We are grateful for the successful collaboration, and would be happy to call on tolingo again for future projects.” (Katharina Bernhardt – HR consultant)

Find out more about our successful cooperation with HR7 GmbH. Read the HR7/tolingo (PDF) case study here.