Expert you need for your certified translations Expert you need for your certified translations

Certified translation

tolingo is your partner in compliance matters

Certified translations are often required for legal proceedings or other government-related matters. Individual customers, for example, may require official documents such as birth, death, marriage or divorce certificates, driving licences, diplomas, bank statements, etc. to be translated. Business clients, on the other hand, have an equal need for such services: if your business intends to venture across national borders, or if your business is caught up in a legal dispute, for example, you will probably require an accomplished, indisputable translation of your contracts, agreements, import, export or other business licences and other documentation pertaining to your operations, bearing the seal and stamp of a certified and publicly appointed sworn translator in your relevant language combination. You can rest assured when you employ tolingo's services for your certified translation needs.

Why tolingo is the expert you need for your certified translations

  • A clearly defined, easy-to-understand translation process ensures transparency.
  • Maximum data security and confidentiality.
  • Only sworn translators work on your documents.
  • Guaranteed to be an accurate and complete reproduction of the source content.
  • Prompt information on delivery times facilitates your planning.

A transparent, easy process: ordering a certified translation

The best way to commission a certified translation from us is by email. However, you’re also free to call us or send us your translation request via the contact form. When submitting your request, please indicate that the text to be translated must be certified; also include your complete contact information and desired target language. Send the source text to us by email – either scanned in or as a text document. You will then receive a quotation from translation agency tolingo, usually within 48 hours.

Certified translation differs from normal translation in that it is done by a sworn translator and designated ‘officially authenticated’ once completed. Like a normal translation, a certified translation subsequently undergoes a round of proofreading by a second native-speaker specialist translator. Finally, the certified translation is sent back to the client in digital form and also by (registered) post.

  • Total confidentiality and certified data security

    tolingo handles your data with the utmost care. Our up-to-date ISO-27001 certification from TÜV Süd also reflects the high quality standards which tolingo applies to the safety of its technology and processes as well as to its employees. Our ISO-27001 certification guarantees the safety of client data and confidential information throughout the entirety of the supply chain. By obtaining this certification, tolingo has proven that it is a pioneer in the translation industry.

    All internal and external staff at tolingo also sign a non-disclosure agreement, which ensures that personal details or information about your order do not end up in the hands of unauthorised third parties. Our translators of course have a duty of confidentiality. We would be happy to also issue you with a separate non-disclosure agreement.

  • Only certified translators work on your documents

    Certified translations are exclusively done by sworn translators. These translators have passed an exam at a regional or higher regional court or Department of Internal Affairs before receiving a certificate of appointment and official stamp. tolingo reviews these credentials. With a certification notation and/or certified translation form, these translators then gain the authority to certify the accuracy of a translation. The phrasing of the certified translation form is stated in the relevant law on language interpretation, which differs from state to state within Germany.

  • The only legally watertight translation is a certified translation

    A certified translation is carried out by a sworn native-speaker specialist translator who has been given the authority to certify their translations with a stamp and signature. The translator can thus guarantee the completeness and accuracy of its content. A certified translation can stand up in court and is legally watertight. If there are any errors, the translator is usually liable for these themselves.

More than 25,000 satisfied customers put their trust in tolingo’s high quality

tolingo has over ten years of experience in working with certified translators. Hundreds of clients trust tolingo to produce certified translations of their material. Examples of translations:

  • Court documents for an international pharmaceutical corporation
  • Construction permits for a real-estate company entering the Spanish market
  • Balance sheets to be used as evidence in a court abroad

Prompt information on delivery times facilitates planning

Certified translations always take more time to complete than traditional translations. This is due to the simple fact that there are far fewer sworn translators. For this reason, you should plan for at least 7 working days (excluding shipping by post) between approval and delivery, as well as a higher price for the certified translation. The rarer the desired language combination, the longer it may take to find a suitable sworn translator for that combination who is available. For the languages of Western Europe, however, this is usually not a problem. Our staff would be happy to give you an estimate of the timing – just give us a call.

In short: Only tolingo provides the highest quality translations for companies

By working with tolingo, your documents will be translated to the best possible standard of quality. Officially sworn translators can translate your materials with accuracy and dependability, no matter their type or scope. Transparent processes and many years’ experience in dealing with certified translations ensure an easy, problem-free process. Solutions that are tailored to your company allow us to work together effectively. Our ISO-27001 certification and non-disclosure agreements guarantee optimum data privacy. All of this and more makes tolingo the ideal partner for certified translations.

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