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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) decreed by the European Union in 2016 came into force on 25th of May 2018, bringing with it pan-European standardisation of data protection law. Failure to comply with this standard could be met with administrative fines of up to EUR 20 million pursuant to Art. 83 (5) GDPR. Despite the prospect of such a financial penalty, to date only 19%* of German businesses have implemented the new statutory requirements. This underscores significant uncertainty and confusion surrounding the topic of GDPR.

In addition to the broad spectrum of challenges posed by the task of handling personal data, it is essential that the statutory requirements also be observed when operating multilingual websites. Such a task necessitates the full-scale publication of a company's data protection declaration in multiple languages for its international clients.

This allows the following requirements to be derived for you:

  • Anyone operating a German website in Germany is not required to give further consideration to GDPR language requirements. 
  • If a multilingual website is being operated in Germany, every operator is then obligated to publish his or her GDPR-compliant data protection declaration in accordance with German law, and to make it accessible for his or her clients on the website in a “clear and comprehensible” format in the European languages on offer. To this end, an accurate legal translation is sufficient, to the extent that it complies with the statutory requirements set out by the EU for the respective national language.
  • However, any business conducted between European and non-European countries requires a country-specific and statutorily compliant revised version. In view of the fact that, at present, no case law or precedents exist regarding GDPR, simply accounting for European languages harbours a certain risk. In fact, current circumstances dictate the need to have all relevant texts translated into every language available to visitors on the website.

tolingo would like to offer its internationally active clients a quality service that meets the challenges posed by GDPR legislation. tolingo offers a text translation that is fully compliant with German Industry Standards (DIN) – ISO 17100 and ISO 9001 certified - and does not simply conduct its assessment based on the source text, but also by observing the original data protection decree of the target country. As part of this process, we adapt linguistic formulations and terminology accurately to the requirements set out by the respective EU member states.

To this end, tolingo took the initiative to bring a number of experienced translators specialising in law on board in early 2018. Further steps included implementing a translation process specifically designed to meet the requirements set out under GDPR, a solution which has since seen an explosion in demand, and which plays a key role in time-critical requests.

*Source: Study entitled “Moving beyond the GDPR” by PAC

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